Identify "poison chicken soup" "pseudoscience"... In twenty-first Century, this ability student must have

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original title: identifying "poison chicken soup" "pseudoscience"... In twenty-first Century, this ability student must have

now, friends circle, micro-blog's health preservation, health information, chicken soup and so on are the fastest and most widely disseminated news. Just a small series of relatives on the formation of a "friends", and this kind of information, by laws "Crazy" here......

for example, "cancer cells are most afraid of it, and now know it's not too late!" "Tell your family immediately, the sooner the better," cabbage accident, xx

two days ago, people's daily official WeChat pushed the "20172017 the ten major food safety categories, health care and misrepresentation rumors, and tear away the true face of these pseudoscience.

2017 ten annual food safety rumors include: the emergence of waste plastic bags made of seaweed, durian and milk to eat with caffeine intoxication, some people use plastic fake rice, soy sauce soy sauce, dried meat floss cake carcinogenic code is made of cotton. Meat and milk is, the root cause of the disease, a modern old coffee shop chain that cake containing carcinogenic rubber sole materials, water spinach is poison king, red grapefruit, peach is stained with Watermelon Eating poisonous.

2017 ten annual health category rumors include: 35 years after the outbreak of a large area, the eyes of the blind will appear in the hospital of human infection with the sk5 virus deaths and scientific discovery of dandelion root in the 4898%< span style=" font-size: 16px; "> cancer cells, low sodium salt is killed," science "magazine found that" 66% cancer is because of bad luck, the electronic cigarette is not harmless, addictive, scientific discovery, eat the staple food to die quickly, A drop of blood cancer, it can measure the punctured plantar congestion is a stroke life-saving trick, sharing bicycle cushion "AIDS needle", tied to infection.

2017 ten annual false rumors include: military class, go to the "bird's nest per child molestation conference" 5 100 million yuan, the gang robbed the child, stealing organs, sweep the two-dimensional code can be cleaned up, "zombie fans around the brain age test" maxed circle of friends, Japanese expression package is used to Chinese invention, payment, three visitors to Korea departure is limited and MH370 disappeared in the United States Patent conspiracy. In order to hijack Chinese engineer, Mount Wutai female, married, "font-size: 16px style= Size: 16px; "> sell 1.2 billion.

in the knowledge, there is a question: "how to identify the poison chicken soup?" Where is the poison? What should the real chicken soup be like? " Know the user "has Xinwen answer:" chicken soup exaggerated some examples of positive and negative, countless failures are erased, this is the first in archery, draw out the quasi heart belongs to the target, distort the statistics.

ah... Don't you be afraid to look at these sensational headlines and contents?!

however, American QZ news website before the published articles about 21 century students should have the necessary skills. The article thinks, the students in 21 century world is facing many challenges, one of which is very striking, but challenges can not be ignored, that is the students living in this era, they accept

From: 鉴别“毒鸡汤”“伪科学”……21世纪,这个能力学生必须有
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