Fashion is not actually only two | effort can fix all winter color collocation temperament!

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original title: fashion is not only a two | effort should fix all winter color collocation temperament!

before re - issuing, simply share the small program of F Jun .

there are lots and lots of great and great products in it!

selection to color matching, high sense is really not hard to create ~


color collocation is very important part in our daily dress, like Mr. F every day to rush out and afraid of being late work, most need is to look at the closet, "quickie" and two kinds of color collocation is the most error prone and most a practical method for hurry to class

so cute

black + white

> The

The Row, which only uses two of the most classic colors in black and white, creates a sense of excellence. Contrast and simple black and white as the whims of independent women, to show their own unique style, simple, self-contained, confirms the phrase "slogan we should all be feminists t-shirt size


black suit commuter necessary, take the white minimalist formal, and can add a little machine size

take the skirt is more feminine oh so


black on white, black on white, how to build a

you are not wrong

black and white trousers and skirt full of personality, control difficulty is not high so

has romantic feelings for you how can less the retro wave point size

black and white

if the white coat is too monotonous can take a black single product, such as scarves, bags, boots, each is also a echo you

grey + white

Delta J.W.Anderson FALL 2017 READY-TO-WEAR

J.W.Anderson play Gray had a slip, tailoring is quite special. And grizzled in the vision

From: 时髦不费力 | 竟然只需两个颜色即可搞定冬季所有气质搭配!
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