Chen Kun, Xun Zhou, and their stories are the best interpretations of "love"

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original title: the story of Chen Kun, Xun Zhou and them is the best interpretation of "love"

2018 is a lot of people say "big flower": Fan Bingbing's "win the world" to be broadcast, Tang Wei also starred his first big costume drama actress, even Zhang Ziyi was transferred to the filming of "imperial"......

more than small screen battlefields are fierce. They have their own movie programs with directors like Cao Baoping, Bi Gan and Julius Onah. At the end of 2017, we can have a premonition of how long these days will be, how will these big and talented flowers attract our attention?

Xun Zhou only seems to be good at leisurely life -- scheduled for December will broadcast as "Yi biography" temporary change gear, overseeding time is uncertain; but she did not seem to feel anything wrong, still not often bright people before.

but she wasn't really idle.

in everyone chasing "the actor's birth" back to PK small drama, Xun Zhou hand is the movie channel, do a similar to the "performance" as the central theme of the show "words" please the performers, is the old play bone to share class of regular acting experience.

because of "performance", it is a great event for Xun Zhou.

Xun Zhou does not just take it as dinner craft, she did not even say they had chosen to keep filming, because " think and fun also earn money, so do it < span style=" font-size: 16px; ">", but now her feelings has become "cognizance of the sense of happiness is occupation actor".

so she and her friend Chen Kun and Chen Kuo-Fu founded " Hill School ", together to explore how to perform, and learn from others.

with Xun Zhou to take this opportunity to "table" of Chen Kun, in fact, this year is almost the same development way -- except walk every year fixed, to return to the small screen with his own most of the time are handed over to the crew.

last year since the end of December "escape" took more than four months, the "phoenix" right and took more than seven months, the other day fixing. In the course of the whole year, his Reuters, even the studio, had very little racket, and put himself in the creative environment.

many people want to ask, why did Chen Kun love Xun Zhou so much? You may feel as if there is a part of the blame for her, Chen Kundong, he gave Xun Zhou a talent like acting skill is from the bottom of my heart envy.

because he had said, that they do not fit as an actor doesn't think of an actor, was admitted to the Beijing film because "on the exam, read four years of university". He accompanied Kong Wei students to interview, but the director sees him, he also to a strange combination of circumstances starred in a TV series, is into the line.

but even at that time, he also didn't want to be an actor, until Xun Zhou finished drawing a "like a fog like rain and like the wind", and then collaborated "Balzac small tailor", he slowly shelved the plan to work abroad, want to do the two actors try.

although filmed drama did the protagonist, and so many years of professional experience, but Chen Kun is to "create a character to find pleasure in Jinfenshijia".

From: 陈坤、周迅和他们的故事,就是对“挚爱”的最好解读
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