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original title: Britain's most cattle nail households who I have to open the room who launched the Third World War


12 month 25 days, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that a local government in the UK all but abandoned area residents said they never leave here, if some people call him hard demolition, he threatened his third world war at all costs.

Charlie White in front of his home

66 year old Charlie White (Charlie Wright) was born in England in the northwestern city of Birkenhead a street in Ilchester's house, and eight brothers and sisters here grow up happy. However, when he was growing up, his family around the house all have continued to be dismantled.

bought the house for his family thirty years ago, but refused to leave the property to anyone except himself. Unlike the decorated style of the surrounding houses, White's house is painted with bright yellow paint on the front door, and a British flag is flown with pride. He said, "the unique style of decoration is inspired by the fact that if someone close to my house (forcing him to demolished), I will launch the Third World War to him.


empty around, only the house of White's house,

, a house with four bedrooms, is located on the once very busy Ilchester street. However, now the blocks on both sides of the street have depressed, streams of people busily coming and going of abandoned houses only airs. The neighbors moved away, leaving only one White living here.

"I was born here, and all 9 people in the family lived here. As the brothers and sisters were married and moved away, only I and my mother were left, "White said.

"you were born in this house, and it became a part of your life. I won't move here for anyone.

but 15 years ago, White's mother died, and White, who was divorced from his wife, became a real "exclusive" house. But he didn't feel lonely, because a friend moved into his house and lived together.

can say that White really stayed in this block all his life, because he was even at the corner of the Mobil Oil Corp. "I only cross the road in my life, and when I was 16 years old, I went to the bottom of the street."

"the days of working here are almost unbelievable. Because you can go to work on the way.


the block is withered now, and the house around White's house is gradually dismantled by

however, the area then ushered in the good times don't last long, the rapid rise in the unemployment rate, with housing demolition, more jobs also lost out.


the interior of the house without depression. The kitchen, living room, the study reveals a comfortable

still, White insists that he does not leave here even though he misses the days of his relatives and friends around him.

"I know everyone who lives on this block. They are my brothers and sisters. My grandparents, my aunts and aunts lived here all the time, "White said." once I led a dog in the street, everyone knew me and I knew them. Almost half of the people were born here, and as long as I walked out, I felt all right. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 英最牛“钉子户”:谁拆房我就向谁发动第3次世界大战
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