One of the largest Confucian Temple in the country, Kublai ordered it to be built, 114 years earlier than the Imperial Palace

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original title: one of the largest Confucian Temple in the country, Kublai ordered it to be built, 114 years earlier than the Imperial Palace,

Beijing has many historic sites, and the Confucian Temple, located in the northeast corner of the city center, is a relatively quiet scenic spot. Confucian Temple and Imperial College together, not far from the Lama Temple, but compared with the Lama Temple crowd, here are some surprisingly clean.

Beijing Confucian Temple gate this street is called the Guozijian street, also known as Xian Jie, yuan, Ming and Qing three dynasties worship Confucius, because in Beijing, emperors of all dynasties have to sacrifice, so lofty, and the Shandong Qufu Confucian Temple, Jilin Confucian Temple, Nanjing Confucius temple and known as the four Confucian Temple.

Confucian Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai capital in Beijing, in order to win over the intellectuals, ordered the construction of the Confucian Temple, the Confucian Temple in Beijing on 1306 (Dade ten years) than the the Imperial Palace built as early as 100 years.

During the reign of the Qing Dynasty in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor kissed the emperor of the Confucian Temple to use the most noble yellow glazed tile roof. At this time, the Confucian Temple was brilliant and the royal building was generally regulated by the emperor. The Confucian Temple is a large area of the national Confucian Temple, covering 2.38 hectares of land and 286 existing houses.

recently, "national treasure" is very popular. One of the three treasures of the town hall selected by the the Imperial Palace museum is Shigu. After the completion of Confucian Temple in the Yuan Dynasty, Shigu was placed in the Dacheng gate, and now it is stored in the the Imperial Palace Museum.

There are many ancient trees in

Confucian Temple, and the branches and leaves are luxuriant. A touch is Jian Bai's most famous legend of the Ming Dynasty, crafty Yansong generation emperor Jiajing Confucius, to the tree, the branches off his cap. After a few years they grow a burl, cross a seemingly caught a head.

Beijing Confucian Temple is a monument in particular, the imperial memorial tablet 14, the door at the culmination of things on both sides of the pavilion in the courtyard.


stone, some imperial tribute to Confucius, there is record of emperor Sheng De to promote political and military achievements, such as twenty-four years of Qianlong (1759) to the Ministry of Gaocheng "pacification" imperial beiji.

Although the

Confucian Temple has been rebuilt through successive dynasties, the structure of the Confucian Temple still keeps the style of the Yuan Dynasty. The inner door fell a total of three -, the central axis of the building from the south to the north in Dacheng door, door and hall, Chong Chong shrine. There are 198 pieces of the inscription monument of the three dynasties of yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty.

on the west side of Confucian Temple gate and its connected, the two scenic areas only need to buy a ticket 30 yuan. The Imperial College is next to the rich cultural heritage of the place. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 全国最大孔庙之一,忽必烈下令修建,比故宫还早114年
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