[Zhang Yi 321] Cappadocia cave photography, destiny, one thousand and one nights

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original title: [Zhang Yi 321] Cappadocia cave photography, destiny, one thousand and one night

is imprinted in my heart. Departure from the beginning of the dream, wander here. I became the focus of my family's expectation, and I knew the burden I shouldered.

don't know. The story was to deceive the public, and now the steep valley caves, it is their destiny?

in Turkey's Kapadokya, people's thoughts and ideas can really rock together? And those with rock integrity is consistent with the people, even the infirm, leaning on a stick, will have the edge here?

people in the eyes of the local residents, there is no rock and no cave at all, only home and hometown and faith. Caves, canyons, stele and dwellings, which have thousands of years of history, are like another planet. Not only helped them block the wind and rain, but also gave them different darkness and the sun. They began to live in the dark, to live here, to draw murals, to write poems, to create sculptures, to love each other, to have children and to know the life of heaven.

people once thought it was like a scam. In order to hide away from this place, it will gradually become a museum to become a restaurant. Can accommodate twenty thousand people underground eight storey cave, cave Christian Church, Byzantine monastery, built the mountain regions through the maze of tunnels and buildings, ancient people want to create what is art or life.

is not a bit rough or cold. Human exploration of the world leaves a body temperature on the rocks. It is the attachment of emotions to here.

until with the passage of time, the rock cave dwellers destiny destiny Kapadokya destiny, to realize the day in and day out. It is also good to pursue the destiny of heaven, to find the treasure, and to tell stories about the mystery of existence and the heart. People have become very happy because of their work in the rock their religion has their faith.

Day and night in the

grottoes, from the very day and night to the people's living environment about what God thinks. So many rocks hold them, or they have so many rocks.

a fortune teller and dream teacher, always put my face on the rock to listen, listen to its warm and warm, happy and unhappy, just know why people have unbelievable dream.

is lucky to know the Turks living in rock caves at this age. Seeing their labours, efforts and meanings, they could understand the heavy noises of rocks touching, touching and touching, and every footstep's slight vibration was full of echoes. The life in the cave gives people the pure heart, and let the people know that nothing belongs to them. But it is practical to live in real rock and make people feel for life.

is like making preparations for God to distinguish between people and people. God arranges the people, will come to nostalgia, will estimate whether it is suitable for seclusion, will get that continuous revision of the cave maze map. Will be constantly weighed, with the soul of the rock, the light and heavy.

to ask those who are simple in mind, it's a miracle to live in a cave. Is it a myth that you want to live? How do you know that people don't think so, always answer "what is the light" or "is it wet inside", "will not encounter wild animals".

then the need to rely on luck, good fortune and willpower deeper, cave people is not to say.