In 2017 these buzzwords refresh my circle of friends, ready to "word" old new?

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original title: 2017 these buzzwords refresh my circle of friends, ready to "word" old new?

2017, there are many unforgettable events, and the frequency of the birth of catchwords is even more dazzling. If you don't have a few of these buzzwords in your cell phone, or don't understand the popular words, you're embarrassed to talk to people.

these exceptionally lively, a self deprecating tone of the popular language, help us remember some of his ups and downs in 2017 this year, the popular language in addition to update frequency is fast, there is a feature that is particularly go (Zha) heart: whether recent Shuabing the Buddha, greasy or "poverty limits my imagination".



"greasy" comes from the Tang Feng a talk about the greasy middle-aged man's article, he listed the hand beads (beads), stop learning, love, fond of teaching others talks dirty (dirty jokes) etc. the middle-aged rich features, attracted eight party response.

English: when it comes to" greasy ", it can generally be translated into" * ". The surface means more oil. For example, greasy food greasy food / greasy hair greasy hair, more in-depth meaning can also describe people's objectionable. In fact, the greasy behind the white, but a middle age crisis (midlife crisis).


Buddha Department

: greasy from middle-aged people to describe an article, "December 12th is inexplicable popular Buddha from the new world, the first batch of 90 have been a monk", mentioned in the text of the Buddha. Love, such as Buddha, diners. The Buddha system is probably means "take the course of its own nature, without desire without desire."


for Philosophical compared to a philosophy can be understood as the two is optimistic, such as the Cambridge dictionary explanation:

but here there is a relatively optimistic positive, compared with the Laissez faire system refers to the Buddha, the word refers to the government for the economic development of the laissez-faire policy, but also can be used on any free psychology state.


drama essence



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origin: From: 2017年这些流行语刷屏朋友圈,准备好“词”旧迎新了吗?
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