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original title: the suspect of the "nail gun" in Xianning, Hubei, was killed by the guard and killed two men,

December 26th, surging news ( confirmed from Hubei Xianning police, who used a nail gun to kill two of the suspects to fine wave in Tongcheng County Detention Center Dutch act to death.

had killed two people

with a nail gunOn the morning of

26, Mr. Xiao Bo's brother came to tell the surging news. It happened at around three or four o'clock on the morning of 24. After the incident, the family members accompanied the police to check the surveillance video of the small room in jail. Come to the wave, because the fine wave is a heavy criminal, being held alone. At 3 o'clock in the morning, he came to cover his mouth and nose with damp toilet paper. At 4 o'clock, the detention house staff found that he died and went to the prison to see it. The later families were informed by the police. At present, to fine wave's body has been placed in the Tongcheng funeral.

25 is the Chongyang Hubei County, Xianning City Xiao Ling Xia Xing Village to fine wave age. In July 11th, Tongcheng County Public Security Bureau has issued a bulletin: 11 at 10:18 in the morning, Tongcheng juanyong murder occurred, Jin Jun water red east road name cut barber shop staff Wu Jinhai (male, 28 years old, the sand town of the county Stephen Yao Village) in the shop was the head injury (preliminary check system modification by using a nail gun after decoration), after the hospital rescue invalid death at 11:40, suspects at large.

informed that after receiving the report, (Xianning) two city and county public security authorities attach great importance to the deputy mayor, police chief Hu Jiawen quickly given instructions, request to the investigation as soon as possible, will resolutely eliminate blocking criminals in Tongcheng, social harm. Xiong Yaping, the Secretary of the county Party committee and the county magistrate Liu Mingdeng, made instructions for the first time to require the public security organs and the township party committees and governments to fully mobilize the cadres and groups, quickly solve the case and ensure the safety of the police themselves. Police immediately launched the murder detection mechanism, from the criminal investigation, technical investigation and other departments set up a class of elite forces to quickly carry out the investigation, to fine wave and locked the suspect fled after July 9th killed 1 people in Hubei Chongyang (male, 25 years old, Chongyang County Xiao Ling Xia Star Village).


come to a capture and return of the Hubei daily data map

after the incident, Xianning City Public Security Bureau set up a total of 15 cards in the peripheral Tongcheng, Chongyang two counties, and a reward of 50 thousand yuan to mobilize the masses to provide clues to the police. Police reported that at 14:40 on the same day, he came to the public security organs to surrender to the police.

according to the "Beijing Youth Daily" reported that the 9 victim Lee is fine wave friend, Lee had to fine wave about crime, after refusing to participate in the crime was to kill small wave. The 11 day the barber shop Tongcheng apprentice Wu Jinhai, to fine wave think Wu Jinhai is the destruction of their "marriage" third. To fine wave and "wife" Wu did not have a license, a half year old child.

has committed suicide three times in prison,

26 PM, Xianning police to surging news sent a "Tongcheng County Detention Center detainees died of a Dutch act" bulletin, bulletin as follows:

2017 in the early morning of December 24th, Tongcheng County Detention Center custody of the suspect to a wave of death Dutch act.

The suspect to a wave of

, male, 25 years old, Chongyang County Xiao Ling Xia Xing Village two groups. In July 2017, to a wave in the county of Chongyang County, has killed two people. In July 12th by the Tongcheng County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention on suspicion of intentional homicide, August 16th was the arrest, the case is now in the procuratorate for examination and prosecution stage.

At 4

2017 year in December 24th 7, the police on duty to patrol found a wave of abnormal sleep, then enter the prison room inspection, found a wave in a coma, police on duty and detention of medical personnel to take immediate emergency rescue measures and call the 120 emergency call, then to a wave was sent to the Tongcheng People's Hospital emergency treatment. At 5 and 5 points, the fine waves were saved and died. Before a wave of three attempted suicide during the detention, the police were found in time to prevent and take a separate detention measures.

to a wave of death, province, city and county departments attach great importance to quickly set up Gongzuozhuanban work.

On the afternoon of

24, the procuratorial organ hired third party identification agencies to carry out an autopsy on a wave and initially identified a suffocating death.

currently, investigation and rehabilitation are under way.

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