Only 18% players are concerned about the price of the Jedi country.

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since the Jedi fire, the domestic players began their first experience of spending money on games, spending money on accelerator, spending money to update their computers and so on.


, open the accelerator, many people still feel that the 98 down payment, monthly 30 yuan game, really expensive! As a result, the voice of the life of the Jedi country is getting higher and higher.

, however, a recent poll by the Jedi life officer Bo, but only 18% of the players are concerned about the price of the national suit.

the first vote is about national costume pricing, 42% players want to play games for free, 38% players hope to be the same as STEAM price. And in another vote, the attention of the price is even more than the problem.

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From: 绝地求生国服即将上线 只有18%玩家关心价格
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