A large backlight cavity guide, who also couldn't be a professional photographer?

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original title: Journey large cavity backlight guide, who also couldn't be a professional photographer?

travel, whenever you meet the beautiful scenery, always can not help but want to take photos and set the right now.

Get, you can also become a professional photographer ~


ingenious configuration

good composition, can make the photographic work more visual impact. Walk around, observe and take pictures from different angles, stay more time, try more in different environment conditions, and make different feelings. Ingenious composition, perfect natural scenery!

well character composition

this is the way Amway has been constructed N times, and it is the most common way of composition. Whether you want to take a picture, a portrait, a street racket, or a trip, it's all the same. The subject or important scene is placed at the intersection point of the "well" word. It is generally believed that the crossover point on the top right is the most ideal, followed by the intersection on the lower right. When photographing, only the next line should be kept up or parallel with the ground, so that the blockbuster can be quickly fixed.

symmetric composition

symmetrical composition has the characteristics of balance, stability and phase echo. It is often used to show symmetry objects, buildings, and special styles of objects to find the beauty of symmetry in life. For example, when shooting the sunset, we use the sun and sky as the center to compose. The ground plane is the boundary line. We can use the reflection of the water to make the sunset have the symmetrical effect and take the impact picture. Or find some prospects, such as a bunch of flowers, a stone... Add the taste of the picture and play the effect of the main body and the atmosphere.

Sabah is located in Tanjung Aru beach to enjoy the sea breeze, enjoy the sunset is the best scenic spots here, sunset is one of the most beautiful places in the world. When the red sun shines, the sea calms the waves and leaves a bright red on the horizon. The shades of sunset and yellow are the most fascinating. The composition of the easy way, to find a good point of view, you can shoot a beautiful sunset. Of course, like the golden section method, highlighting the main method of mapping methods, plus the backlight has peculiar effect, it is worth learning.


looking for line tension

how to choose the best perspective when building a building? I often hear people say that the role of dots, lines and surfaces in photography or painting is, in a simple sense, that we can get concise and powerful pictures by using some lines in buildings. The biggest feature of line composition is through horizontal, vertical, and tilted lines to make the picture more dynamic and deep.

common line processing has the following ways:

horizontal line

you can use a horizontal line when a photographer wants to express an immutable feeling. The conventional division of scenery is the 2 point method and the 3 point method, such as putting horizontal line on the 1/3 of the picture. At this time, the audience's gaze is locked below the picture, because this is mainly based on the prospect of expression.

vertical line

vertical lines are similar to horizontal lines in composition, conveying a quiet, stable mood. The structure in nature, many objects have the shape of a scene. The proper vertical effect presents, making the picture more quiet and beautiful. For example, the fog shrouded in the woods, the old fence in the garden, and so on are similar examples.