The strongest player in "Tetris": the game can't be perfect, but I can get stronger

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original title: "Tetris" the strongest player: game can't be perfect, but I can become stronger


2011, Oregon Portland World Championships to Tetris, Jonas Bauer (Jonas Neubauer) new title. He won the championship again in the next World Championships. In the world game of Tetris, the only defeat Nu Bauer was in 2014, when he scored more than 100 thousand points behind Hong in the final. Since then, the new Bauer unbeaten.

"Tetris" changed his life. Though Tetris is not the only thing in life, Bauer believes that playing chess is more confident and changed his way of thinking. While NYSE Bauer eliminated the Tetris, his life became orderly.

"the charm of this game is that you always die. You do your best to improve your level, but it is impossible to achieve real perfection. " Nu Bauer said, "if you play final fantasy 7, you may drop the game after customs clearance, but Tetris has a strange and open character that I always play repeatedly.

Jonas Neubauer (Jonas Neubauer)

"Tetris" is one of the most popular games in history, and so far more than 125 million copies have been sold on many different platforms. In 1984, Russian programmer Alexey Pajanov (Alexey Pajitnov) created the game on a Electronika 60 computer, when including Nintendo publisher for "Tetris" authorized, the quickly became popular in the world, Game Boy and the NES version is especially popular.

"Tetris" was one of the most important events in the 1989 Nintendo World Championships, but it did not have an official world competition in recent years. It is through these organized games, like many new Bauer such hidden "Tetris" genius got the opportunity. On the other hand, although the "Tetris" (Tetris: The Grand Master Master Series) and the 2014 launch of the "Yo Yo" Puff puff Tetris (Puyo Puyo Tetris) is a new version of the game also attracted some game player, but the NES version of the classic "Tetris" is still the most addictive.

nyz Bauer is good at playing the NES edition of Tetris. According to Bauer, he is not very high in the fast drop version, where players can automatically place blocks to the bottom and do not wait for them to fall, or those who allow players to save boxes and change them at the right time. Neubauer believes that a new version of the "Tetris" is more suitable for speed game player, and he himself "is more cruel, old, slow but" Tetris "properly and logically arranged."

is difficult to explain why the new Bauer play "Tetris" skills, know-how may be extremely attention to detail, intentnesses when playing the game. It may also be related to his training. As a winner of the seven world champion, Bauer's training intensity is not as large as many people think. He only practices three or four hours a week, but during training, he always pushes himself away from the comfort zone.

"some players wiggle their fingers and move the square to the right and left faster than I do." But nnew Bauer believes that if players can not upgrade these advantages to a higher level of strategy, it is not significant.

"when you try to add a new element to the play, it may feel painful at first, maybe 6 months in a row." "You want to stay in your comfort zone, you don't have to make new decisions, and always use the habit of playing it for years," Neubauer said. But if you can try new things and break through yourself, then eventually your level will be better, because you have the ability to find more rules. "

"Tetris" championship will be the NES version of the game as a game, but the game version is used after a special adjustment by the simulator, the game players to ensure the screen random drop box are exactly the same, it makes no more important elements of luck. You won't lose the long block because of the opponent, and you always lose the Z box and lose the game.

players do not have to spell speed, because at the end of the game, the game will end. When Tetris entered the twenty-ninth pass, even the best players were hard to deal with. (for a time, many players didn't even believe that Tetris had thirtieth passes). Players need to find a balance between eliminating and stacking four columns and eliminating them, because the former is safer, but the latter way can get a higher reward score.

"usually people think about the two step, you know how to place the current square, and then look at the next block, and you have a plan for how to place it." "But there's a higher third level (strategy), which is when you see the next one," Nu Bauer said.

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