If you want to be a home entrepreneur, is it possible?

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editor's note: when it comes to entrepreneurs, there seems to be no hesitation in the mind. There will be many words such as busy, busy, busy, endless meetings, endless arrangements, and families behind entrepreneurs will often make great sacrifices. The author of this article is Clint Knox, a continuous entrepreneur. He tells us about his experience that entrepreneurs in the early stage can also put family in the first place, or work and family two. The premise is, as long as you want.

if you want to be an entrepreneur who puts the family first, you can do it. You have to know that you may fall behind other people from time to time, but eventually you can get a double harvest of family and career.

and my wife and I met our first baby about two years ago. I was just selling my first business at the time, and I went against my previous commitment to my wife, and I was ready to start second businesses. I told her that this time it must be different. I will put the family in the first place. We will find a way to create a new business on the basis of the full time job. I was a novice husband, absolutely novice dad. It was really naive.

with a good idea, we began to try, but finally ended in failure. In fact, it was more accurate, I failed.

in the beautiful planning period, when driving long distance, my wife and I will listen to Amy Batchelor and Brad Feld's Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in, and the voice version. We will discuss how to arrange a monthly date and how to make a morning check when you drink coffee. I will let her know the success and setbacks of my start-ups, and we will make investment decisions together. We also talked about the arrangements for maternity leave and accompanying products, so that everyone can have time to accompany their children, and when we return to work at the end of the vacation, we will find a suitable nursery. We believe that all this can be achieved.

but soon we found that reality has deviated from the good planning. There was a final deadline for the start-ups, and my wife looked at the baby alone. Under such a realistic condition, I squeeze more time to finish my work before the deadline, and my wife has been striving for it. I hope I can support her to take care of the baby together. In this way, I began to slow down and all things were behind. Most of all, after 11 months of our baby, my wife was pregnant, so we had to make a quick change.

The first change in

is my attitude. I had to accept the fact that I was an entrepreneur, and I was forcing my family to make an entrepreneur for me. Being an entrepreneur is my personal dream, not the dream of our entire family, so they should not be allowed to make such a sacrifice. So, rather than working overtime every day, I choose to get up at half past three every day to finish my work by half past three every day through my notebook and his wife. This allows me to work 3 hours a day, and then I can spend 1.5 hours with my family before I go to work. I spend half an hour every day for lunch, and when I come home from work, I will no longer work overtime and enjoy the time of the family together. Of course, sometimes it takes up evening hours for meetings, but it is not more than two times a week. Every weekend, I will work for about 10 hours and get up later, but still work before the children get up or their lunch break. It takes about 30 hours to add up, plus 40 hours of five days working days, and I minimize the sacrifice that my family needs to make for my work.

, of course, nothing is absolute. I don't get up at half past three every day in the morning, and sometimes I sleep a little more. Sometimes, I also need to work for 20 hours on weekends, but I can't accompany my family. But because I work at home, I will have meals with my family, coax kids to sleep, and then say goodnight to each other. For me, a seven hour sleep mode and getting up early every day is just a small sacrifice for me to have more time to spend with my wife and children.

One thing that

needs to be clear about is that the premise of all this is that you first have to think about a change. I tried to get up early before, and honestly, whenever my wife asked me to do this or do that for me after work, I would be disgusted with it. I'll retort that I'm working hard and I just need a rest.

, what I need to realize is also one thing I realized finally. My dream is only my dream. I am the one who needs to sacrifice. You know, there is no doubt that, in order to help me follow my dream, my family has made many sacrifices, and the family workload of my wife and I is by no means the 55 average score. But now I have learned not to shirk my responsibilities, nor do I

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