How big is the potential for VR to combine with the block chain?

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original title: how big will the potential of VR combine with the block chain?

have a piece of the new project from Facebook and other technology giants?

editor's note: Recently, with the fire of cloud cat project, more and more people pay attention to the application of block chain. At the same time, VR technology has been applied in more and more industries. So what kind of sparks will be rubbed out by the combination of the two? The geek park has found an article about the combination of the two, especially compiled to share the readers.

the original is published in VentureBeat, the original title is" Decentraland shows Decentraland, "

project Decentraland, based on block chain and VR technology, held the first real estate auction. The project uses VR technology to create a virtual social space that is traded through virtual money. Users can buy a virtual land, build something on it, share experiences with friends and family, and even achieve revenue.

supporters say that VR platform, such as Facebook Spaces and Microsoft's AltspaceVR, will control users' content too much.

Decentraland uses block chains and intelligent contracts to ensure that users have exclusive control over the virtual world. The company says users on the platform can create virtual communities and towns, add unique virtual images, and use them in online communities for gatherings, social gatherings, business meetings, education and other activities.

| figure in Decentraland life possibilities (from VentureBeat)

earlier this year, Decentraland held ICO, raising $25 million from 4000 investors. The number of holders of digital assets from ICO indicates that the number of people buying virtual land at the first real estate auction has doubled.

in this platform, because of the limited number of land, their value will continue to increase. The owners of virtual land can exchange advertisements by asking advertisers to post advertisements or rent them to other people for an encrypted currency. Transactions are handled through block chains and intelligent contracts, without the need for a central agency to intervene between land owners and their customers. This ensures that the user generates enough benefits from the virtual world.

project leader also said that at first, people would upload static content. The first is the transaction of creative buildings and collectibles, and the social experience provided by voice and text chat. As time goes on, games will be provided and more dynamic applications will be available.

Decentraland also has trouble in content control. Like Facebook and Google, they have a comprehensive control of their content and enough people to remove content. And Decentraland can't delete the inappropriate content, but you can use a filter.

Decentraland is not the only company dedicated to combining VR with block chains. CEEK VR is a company that manufactures VR hardware, and is also operating on the VR platform. It is using block chain technology to enhance the influence of the artist and to perform its connection with fans around the world through VR. Through this platform, singers and stage performers can hold VR live concerts. Fans around the world do not have to get to the scene, and they can experience the experience. CEEK does not use centralized registration and payment platform, but provides artists with tools to issue and sell encrypted tokens. Fans can purchase these encrypted tokens to participate in VR tone.

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