These dishes must not be washed directly with water, and the more dirty it is.

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bought a good cleaning dishes is a commonplace thing, but some of the dishes can be washed with water or simply can not be sloppy, will wash more dirty, come and see, don't you wash.


mushroom high nutritional value, taste delicious, many people think that when cleaning as long as the sediment washed off the surface of the can, in fact, this is not clean.

The correct approach should be:

mushrooms soaked in warm water for one hour, and hand along the direction of a rotary stirring for about 10 minutes, let the mushroom on the back of the gill page slowly opened, so that the inside of the sediment and other impurities can fall out, especially after soaking dry letinous edodes, not directly in the end the water and knead it off water, should use enough blisters, gently rinse out letinous edodes.


crabs, many people like to eat, buy home, think that long enough time to use bubbles to cook in the pot, but I don't know that there is still a lot of dirty things in this crab.

is right: first wash the body of the crab with brine, then dip the crab into the brine, and let it spit the dirt out of the body, then change the water repeatedly until the water becomes clean. Then you can safely cook the food!


shellfish and crabs in the same way, soaking water only is not cleaned up in the sand and dirt, wash clean, not only to eat unhealthy, and will affect the taste of tooth break.

is right: when shellfish are soaked in water, they also need to put a kitchen knife or other iron appliances. After placing them for 1 to 2 hours, shellfish will spit up the sediment in the body. ~


bought a fresh fish in the vegetable market, how to use the washing wash not to drop the son of smell of fish, how can the fish have no smell of what?

is right: soaks the fish into the cold water and pour two tablespoons of vinegar. After an hour, scaling is cleaned. It is easy to clean. You can also try the rice washing fish, and the effect is great, ~


" again

The pig viscera, which is bought in the

market, will inevitably have a smell of meat, especially the large intestine of pigs. Although it is delicious, it will not feel rid of the smell, but it will make people feel sick.

is right: after draining the large intestine of pig, drain the water and put some flour to wipe it, then flush it again, so that we can wash the pig's large intestine which is hard to wash. This method is good for washing the other pig viscera. A clean splanchnic can be cooked to show the taste of the food itself!


people think pork casually wash very clean, not what eye visible dirt, in fact the market to buy back the pork, put on the chopping block in shelter evil people and countenance evil practices so long!

pork has its own oil and fat components. It's easy to wash on oil and water and easily stick to meat. It's easy to stain the sink, which makes people can't wash pork well.

correct practice: rinse rice when left washing rice water, put pork in rice water for five minutes or so wash, so the dirty will be able to light

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