Pork and put together with what is best to eat? These stunning practices are fast!

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original title: pork and put together with what is best to eat? These stunning practices are fast!

pork are common ingredients in our kitchen, compared to the fat and greasy meat sticks, fat pork with clip skinny rich taste and not too greasy, probably the best balance.

but whether it is super all-match pork, and eggplant, vegetables like beans and potatoes, sweet potatoes, or like potato, or pineapple, apple like fruit can take. With the addition of other ingredients, it can not only reduce the greasy feeling, but also enrich the taste and balance the nutrition. How to take the best to eat pork? See the way to bring small fruit


pork fried eggplant


by Doo

. Main material.

, 1

long eggplant

pork, 200 grams of

. Supplementary material.

, 3 onion root

red pepper, 1

, 1 pieces of ginger

, 1 tablespoons soy sauce

, half tablespoon soy sauce

, 1/3 tablespoons of cooking wine

five powder, seasoning spoon half

, the amount of salt

, the amount of oil

. Practice.

1. eggplant clean cut strips, salted for 20 minutes with salt, marinated eggplant squeezed out of water.

2. of onion and shredded ginger, pepper cut circle, pork slice.

3. hot pot, the pork stir fry until golden brown. (if you feel too much oil can be removed.)

4. with scallions, ginger, pepper stir fry, then add cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, five spice powder.

5. into eggplant and stir fry until well done.

6. cast into the scallion stir fry.


potato red meat


by home gourmet

. Main material.

pork, 1000 grams of

, 3

of potatoes

. Supplementary material.

, 5 small Congduan

, 2 teaspoon of soy sauce

, 5 pieces of ginger

star, 2

, 6 grains of sugar

, teriyaki sauce 2 teaspoon

, the amount of salt

. Practice.

1. wash the pork, cut into chunks, cold water pot, after the fire to boil, skim, simmer for 5 minutes.

2. fish out of a little cool to wash, scrape the hair on the skin, cut into a suitable small size.

3. potatoes are peeled and cut into water and soaked in water.

4. pork into the pot, fry the meat fried yellow, fat, fat will be poured out. Change the fire, put a piece of ice sugar, stir fry the meat and melt the sugar.

5. pour teriyaki sauce and stir fry evenly colored, pour soy sauce, add star (according to their own preferences and then put a piece of geraniol or caoguo).

6. add in scallion and ginger, stir fry evenly, pour boiling water, no meat, can be moved to a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, or casserole boil one hour.


7. is cooked in a frying pan, cook the meat to medium well, pour it into potatoes, and cook it for twenty minutes, add salt to seasoning, and then gather it in the fire. (don't stir fry when receiving the juice so as to avoid turning the red meat and potatoes rotten, you can turn the handle with the handle of the pot, so that every piece of meat is wrapped in the juice).


ant tree


by pick-up machine

. Main material.

fans, 200 grams of

pork, 80 grams of

. Supplementary material.

, 3 pieces of ginger

, 2 grains of garlic

, shallot 2


Pixian bean sauce 1 tablespoons of


, 1 tablespoons of cooking wine

, half tablespoon soy sauce

, half tablespoon soy sauce

, the amount of water

, the amount of oil

. Practice.

1. fan with cold water soak 3 hours, soak standby.

2. will spare pork mince. Onions, ginger, garlic, mince.

3. heat oil in a pan, add ginger, onions, garlic and saute pork, stir fried flavor.

4. Pixian Bean Sauce Fried Chili oil, add cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce to fry.

5. has no material with water, and it is boiled in medium fire.

6. join the fans and braise.

7. turn a small fire to the soup to dry quickly, the fire can be quickly collected.

8. stir fried dish, table to


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