"The rest of the wilderness" the handsome motorcycle prototype originated from "Mario racing 8"

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"the legend of Zelda: Wild income" new DLC "Yingjie poems", is undoubtedly the most dazzling lynk motorcycle. It is so cool motorcycle is how come, it was inspired by what


IGN in an interview, "the legend of Zelda:" the wilderness information supervision Fujibayashi Hide said that the debut in DLC poetry in Yingjie Lin handsome motorcycle, inspiration and prototype from "Mario" and "8 car, with wild interest" style, reconstruct.


, Lin's figure appeared in the DLC of Mario 8. It is a common means for Japanese game makers to link the game under the same company. So the "Mario car 8" in the motorcycle to be taken out of the transformation, in fact, is also very normal.

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From: 《荒野之息》帅气摩托原型源于《马里奥赛车8》
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