Germany is the 2018 Ward ten engine Chinese The whole army was wiped out. who can buy?

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original title: Germany 2018 Ward ten engine Chinese The whole army was wiped out. who can buy?

[car] Sohu no secret text / Xiao Fei once a year the development trend of automobile engine vane, is the world's many fans every year must see the new knowledge, although a few days away from the time in 2018, but the "2018 annual top ten Ward the engine has been released, there is a large difference between the new top 10 engines per year, new energy and hybrid occupy most places, transfer of energy saving and environmental protection trend, distinctive in German power even without a list, it is really be startled at!

in 2018 Ward top ten engine award list ( marked red for the award-winning ), the biggest winner is Honda and Ford, each of the two engines awarded. Jaguar and KIA, with a new engine, Ward first appeared on the top 10 list, no one on the list and the German uniform.

looked back to Ward's top ten winners list of 2016 and even 2017. Small displacement turbocharging took the leading position. Although the mixed motivation has made a breakthrough, it is not the mainstream trend. But this is completely show a new trend, electric / hybrid power system dynamic full flowering, the list of models up to 4 models, the mainstream German small displacement turbocharged models comprehensively failed, for the 5 large displacement V8 engine why Ford's contribution to the strength of large displacement caused by factors must respect "is greater than its own. , as a whole, it is not difficult to see the emerging trend of the automotive industry from the new ranking list. It should belong to the new energy in the future. It has not run away yet...

award winning power system analysis:

winning power system analysis: 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine belongs to Pentastar series engine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep sharing, it can achieve the Atkinson cycle, through the valve timing system, the late intake valve closing, the formation of large expansion ratio on the compression ratio, the maximum squeeze every drop of fuel energy, so the characteristics of this engine is the most fuel-efficient, with power output of the motor, this hybrid system allows the engine to work at the most economical fuel consumption within the speed range.

won power system analysis: Ford F-150 is not a car, 2.7L displacement to drag it sounds very laborious, but it uses a dual injection system, the maximum power is 243kW, it proves that the strength of it can also start work because it is not easy to be detected or praise. In addition, the domestic sharp line also carried the engine, but the power output was adjusted again, but after adjusting, the maximum output power remained unchanged, still 329 horsepower, but the maximum torque was 475 cattle and rice. The promotion of F-150 is not a problem, and the sharp boundary is a piece of cake.