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original title: Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau invited charity foundation to stop "the same day birthday" to collect

Beijing, December 25, recently appeared on the Internet, "the same birthday" online fundraising activities, suspected fraud information is incorrect. Shenzhen City Civil Affairs Bureau today on the official micro-blog bulletin, December 25th morning, the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau investigation team interviewed Shenzhen city future love woo charitable foundation secretary general, ordered to immediately stop the same birthday "online fundraising activities, and asked the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to submit a cooperation agreement offering donation activities report and related the enterprise and all documents issued. The relevant investigation will continue.

, according to media reports before, a "DB raise" love day before maxed out WeChat circle of friends. Activity page publicize "one yuan helps TA change destiny", the user enters his birthday, can look for and his birthday same poor student, donate one yuan for them. However, photos posted by many netizens showed that the same poor student who had been helped but appeared on different birthday interfaces, and their names were different. Even the information showed that the poor students were born in February 29, 2009.

these questions have aroused many netizens' doubts. On the 23 day, the "decibel raising" issued a notification response. It was said that the activities were spread after the staff sent to the friends circle in the testing phase, and the information errors and the instability of the interface appeared, so we apologized to the public. At present, the optimization interface has been urgently coordinated to prevent the system from making mistakes again.

On the night of

24, the official micro-blog of Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued a statement that the investigation group had been set up to begin to investigate the Internet fund-raising activities on the same day's birthday. The results of the investigation will be released in time. Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau also thanks the public for the attention and supervision of charitable activities. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 深圳民政局约见慈善基金会 叫停“同一天生日”募捐
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