Remember the "king of the train" in the World of Warcraft? 12 years later, he admitted that the video was false.

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for many players, there is nothing to be proud of to be recognized by everyone than to create a culture.

The story of

"king of the train" Leeroy Jenkins may be one of the most well known events in World of Warcraft.

each experienced "World of Warcraft" 60 years old game player, having played in the old version of the UBRS No. 1 Boss fire guards Abbott Hill, will go through a room full of eggs, as long as close to these eggs hatch into Youlong, although only very little blood, the attack is not high, but it is possible to accidentally activates the hordes of young dragon, which for the time of loading (game player half set of T0+ parts) is undoubtedly a great challenge, even PFU Association mission will not easily without brain train rushed.

but this "feat", Leeroy Jenkins and his teammates did -- of course, they all died in the hatching room, this is the "train" king of the story (Taiwan translation for "chicken brave"). With "Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!" Cry, this beyond all expectations "performance" has become the world of Warcraft game player community, most being talked about.

The video of

has even been officially recognized by Blizzard, becoming an achievement in the game:

, a well-known event, is naturally doubted by many people. Even though many years have passed, on the video and debate has not ended, the Leeroy Jenkins Ben Schulz behind the operator also privately admitted "he and the Council of the friends of the arrangement of this comedy, only for the purpose of recruiting", but he also said: "this thing real case based on the game while the reduction of the". For a long time, the authenticity of the matter is still not being hammered because of the ages and no specific screenshots or recordings.

, however, this 12 - year - long question finally remark in December 25, 2017:

served in the United States forum, the original video author Anfrony (real name: Ben Vinson) and "train king" Leeroy Jenkins posted publicly admitted: "the king of train event, is indeed a rehearsed performance. "

and they also attached a video that had never been released. This video is that the performances of the NG version, in addition to the classic head tactical layout and Leeroy to eat fried chicken in the plot, at the end of the video, when skilled Leeroy according to the script shouted "Leeeeeeroy Jenkins classic lines!" After that, the whole people laugh.