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original title: Well, Japanese housewives hands a "universal pot"

image source: bean fruit Da Angiecharm

busy working people are not working overtime or working overtime, returning home only to open the TV nest to eat and eat in the sofa!

want to get warm food to relieve the pressure of the day, a pile of dishes and do not want to don't want to clean up after a meal!

image source: the movie "little forest"


in the pots and pans carefully collected, favorite or "small forest" appearance in the highest snow pan , small beautiful utilization is high, the small bean fruit is often used to fix alone three meals a day.

Japanese housewife hands a snow pan

snow pan is not a brand, and is a pot type , it resembles a milk pot, the pot body has bright convex hammer, there have been 1000 years of history in japan.


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convenient and practical snow pan, uniform heat conduction fast and easy, can meet the fast cooking, soup, boiled vegetables and other needs .

V type mouth design, pour water and make the soup neat and not hung up. Once was evaluated by netizens as the highest utilization in the family. Japanese housewives were more than one hand.


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one's full hand

for family meals

Japanese chef Tomita Yusuke said, was to see my grandmother and mother with snow pan cooking, the first pot he started alone to buy is snow pan, also for its writing a Book: "snow pan without oil food".

In the

book, has been assembled from one meal to a family meal, from cooking to dessert . Snow pan to him, "you must have it".


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> common material snow pans.

ordinary steel pan bottom snow is thin, Chinese fried, fried to paste pot , the material properties are not stable, easy to appear washed away the traces of a period of time the use of .

Chinese family designed for an upgraded version of the pan


- marble nonstick protection membrane -

beans fruit merchant selected Lanting Pavilion flagship store in Jimei , to the ordinary snow pan was improved to upgrade, improved snow pan, is not easy to stick pan, stronger corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, a wipe it clean.

Japanese marble non sticky inner wall , through the physical method added a layer of protection film to the body, can withstand the high temperature of Chinese type oil.

- thickened composite pan bottom -

composite pot bottom heating uniform, thermal insulation, service life is longer.

The design of

is better than the ordinary snow pan, so that the use of super high rate of snow more suitable for Chinese cooking pan, fry cook, everything!

a pan of more use less than three bowl

is the perfect standard sun egg breakfast in the snow, pan pot brush on a thin layer of oil, into an egg, three minutes can make the perfect sun egg.

Paper towel with

finished frying pan, it can be used to cooking, cooking pot for eliminating the trouble of .

lazy, cook a pot of warm surface, high value of the snow Yan reeky pan with the food on the table, , the same as the drama at the snoring to eat noodles, is an appetite, the most important is that can wash a few bowls less ~From: 好物|日本主妇人手一个的“万能锅”
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