These mask circles carry handle, is enough to let you sincerely convinced the!

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original title: the mask circles carry handle, is enough to let you sincerely convinced the!

What are you asking the most hoarding things in my house?

that is of course a mask!

as a thousand year dry skin

mask for me is every night snack ah

although always someone told me that the mask is not good every day, hurt the skin, ah

but I really can't sleep well!

after all, a mask that has an immediate effect,

no hoarding is a loss!

but the most critical step for the mask is to

hot, how should you choose a mask suitable for yourself?

1. cheap to use


this is not to encourage everyone to buy the sky mask, but 35 or even cheaper mask is still not used. After the low price mask removes the advertising fee, the ingredients can be imagined. And many facial mask in order to achieve the effect of publicity, even use a large number of fluorescent agents, to achieve immediate whitening effect. Instead of applying this cheap mask, it is better to apply some pure water.

2. component table to look at

usually in preservatives, such as card behind Carbomer, sodium hyaluronate added components are less than 1%, its effect is negligible, you need to look at the row of the active ingredients in the composition of the more preservatives, such a mask, the effect is more obvious, but the effective components of makeup the amount is also a ceiling, otherwise it is harmful to human body.

3., a fast - effective mask, should be wary of

4. essence determines the efficacy

to see the mask with good reputation and reputation. Are there any eggs used in the main functions? pk you know


cleaning mask PK

Natura Bisse cleaning mask, VSOmorovicza cleaning mask


Natura Bisse cleaner mask


sense of usage:

skin irritation degree:

for skin: skin mixed

youpi mother to dry skin do not touch sensitive, is said to be dry to auriventris!

> it is in fact the most powerful function of


Natura Biss, the Spanish Lady card. The cleanliness is super strong... But dry skin must avoid it. It has a good effect on stubborn black head and closed mouth. Every time it runs out, it has strong sense of polishing. contains 2% salicylic acid, so it is not recommended to use every day.

reference price: 320RMB / 200ml

From: 这些面膜界的扛把子,就是让你敷的心服口服的!
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