The first of the Chinese tall buildings, neither Shanghai nor Wuhan, but Jiangsu

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do not know when, China has sprung up the wind of building high buildings. With the rapid development of the economy, the building is more and more, the higher the building. By the beginning of 2017, China has reached 3103 places in building high buildings in the world, ranking first in the world.

, when it comes to the tallest building in China, many people will think of Shanghai Center Tower or the forehead green center of Wuhan, but in fact, the top of Chinese high-rise buildings is not in the two cities, but in Jiangsu. Suzhou South Centre, is the tallest building in China, is expected to be completed, will become the second Dubai Harry Khalifa, to become the world's second tallest building in China.

Suzhou south is located in the center of Lake CBD core area, adjacent to the Suzhou center, east gate, the total construction area of 498809 square meters, 138 floors on the ground, 5 floors underground, the spire of the highest point of 729 meters, will be built beyond the Shenzhen ping an international financial center and became China's first high-rise Shanghai Center Tower. The initial exposure from the design point of view, the center looks like a sharpened pencil, but from the recent spread of the Internet map, the entire building shape top into four columns of varying lengths from the original needle, it is reported that the building design inspiration from the lotus and silk, specific effect wait until after the completion of building can be known.

Suzhou Zhongnan center is expected to be completed in 2021. It will become a new landmark and new business card of Suzhou. It will enhance the competitiveness of Suzhou's cities and become a national benchmark for building.

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From: 中国高楼之首,既不属于上海 也不属于武汉 而是地处江苏
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