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original title: 14 electric vehicles were burned, site fire battalion, 6 people injured

At 0:20 a.m. on 24

12, a fire occurred in hospital No. 82, Jiefang Road, Zhengzhou, causing 6 people to be injured, and the minimum was 4 months old.

, according to the preliminary detection of the fire department, the fire is suspected to be caused by electric vehicles charging. The ignition point is located in the District of a 3 storey old building and the old 5 storey building angle, there are 14 electric cars have been burned into a frame, the scene has a plurality of charging line down.

is thrilling!

fire in the morning, Li Li was sleeping a crackling sound woke, and smell a pungent taste. "Fire!" Li Li saw the fire downstairs on a fire, and she tried to break the house by breaking the glass and trying to get the house running off the smoke, holding the child down the stairs. When she ran to the 3 floor, she was forced back by the fire. After returning to the rented house, Li Li and his family were waiting for the rescue of the firefighters, and the fire was controlled.

's sudden fire, Li Li's family of four different degrees of burn, two children in the intensive care unit. A woman living in the same building and a 4 - month - old child were also burned.

Li Li's face, hand, and foot were burned to different degrees

a mess!

At the scene of

accident, 14 electric vehicles were left only on the frame. The fire also brought damage to the residential buildings on both sides of the electric car, and a household window and flat door were burned.

is noteworthy in

On the wall of the

fire area, there is a word "prohibiting the charging of private wires", but from the scene, the "fly line" recharges still exist.

according to the relevant industry, the current electric vehicle inventory has exceeded 200 million units, with the surge in the number of electric bicycles, which are triggered by the fire is also rising, especially vulnerable to dead man fires in the old district security conditions:

At 1:18 on December 13th

2017, a villager in Beijing caused a fire from building a house, killing 5 people and injuring 8 people. The preliminary investigation is caused by the fire of the electric vehicle.

A fire occurred in a five storey building rental house in Zhejiang on September 25th

2017, killing 11 people. The fire was caused by a short circuit of a electric car charged by a hall, igniting combustibles around the fire.

2016 in March 13th at 3 am, Nanning city XiXiangTang District, a building 18 storey residential apartment building electric car fire, killed 2 people, destroyed 63 electric vehicles.


is a very painful case. This shocking fire has already sounded countless alarm for us: electric cars must never be charged illegally, and never enter the building, so they must never park in the staircase.

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From: 14辆电动车被烧毁,现场火烧连营,6人受伤
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