Chanticleer easily kill 2 bowls of Double cooked pork slices, white Steamed Rice.

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original title: Chanticleer easily kill 2 bowls of Double cooked pork slices, white Steamed Rice ~

said everyone is familiar with, Double cooked pork slices, this is a very classic Sichuan, can be said to be the soul of sichuan. Not only Sichuan people like to eat this dish, but also people in many places like to eat.

was called the oil pot in ancient times; most families in the Sichuan region can make it.

. 500g

: pork

. bean paste: 2 spoonful


: the amount of green peppers

. wine: appropriate amount of

. white sugar: a spoonful of

. salt: appropriate amount of


: 2 tablespoons soy sauce

The skin of the pork


wash the meat into the pot, add water, cooking wine, onion, ginger, cook until the chopsticks can dive in, and there is no blood flowing.

out and cool. (also can be washed directly with cold water)

cut into 3 millimeter thick slices. (it must not be cut too thick, too thick to feel bad. " Also can not be too thin, too thin and easily broken. )

green peppers, garlic powder, chopped standby.

pour a small amount of oil into the pot and pour into the meat.

stir fry until the meat is oil, transparent and yellowing. (the oil in the fat is forced out to eat in the mouth is not greasy)

put the meat slices aside and put the bean paste and the garlic at the end to stir fry.

pull the meat back, stir fry together, put a little cooking wine to the fishy.

salt, sugar, soy sauce, taste.

then add chopped green pepper, stir evenly.

fried green peppers to break out of the pot can be born. return to the Sohu, see more "editor-name" data-role=

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From: 殿堂级的回锅肉,轻松干掉2碗白米饭~
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