This "double class" new expensive, neither 211 nor 985, take the "golden rice bowl" on the test.

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original title: this "double class" new expensive, neither 211 nor 985, take the "gold rice bowl"

since the "double class" university after the publication of the list of media platforms around the city have also talked about the University, but there is such a university, is neither 211 nor 985, but still in the 17 years of the "double top" list, have what charm of this school? Not only that, after entering the school, it is equal to the golden rice bowl. Today we will introduce this "double first class" upstart -- Chinese People's Public Security University.

brings up the first impression of most of the human brain in the public security university, which is the "boss" of the university directly under the Ministry of public security. This time it can be selected as a "double first class university", which also makes up for the regret of the 0 universities in the public security system entering the national higher strategic engineering. The reason why he is the "senior" is that there are more authoritative universities in the whole public security school.

Chinese People's Public Security University, referred to as the "public", located in the capital city of Beijing, is directly under the Ministry of public security in universities and the Ministry of public security senior police academy, the public was founded in 1948, after the North China School of public security cadres, the Central School of public security cadres, the Central People's College of public security, the central political and law cadre school period. In January 1984, it was rebuilt into a full-time college of higher education. In February 1998, it was merged with the original Chinese people's police officer university to form a new Chinese People's Public Security University.

national first class "first class" world class discipline construction university! One of the first class disciplines in the world is the discipline of Public Security (self determination), and 2 major subjects (public security and public security technology) at the first level. National specialty (investigation, public security, safety prevention project, traffic management engineering, public security management)! And the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Public Security: safety prevention and risk assessment laboratory. It is the first university in the national public security system to carry out the general higher diploma education, the first graduate student training and the only doctoral education.

During the

students in addition to learning everyday some basic courses and professional theory courses, but also for the "three in one" (the basic physical training, combat skills, occupation skill training) system, a comprehensive grasp of the police tactics, information warfare combat skills, with comprehensive training received police training and police administrative law enforcement and criminal law enforcement. The public security departments, and to further practice!

this school most attract the majority of students and parents is to work after graduation do not have to worry about, but the "golden rice bowl" is good, but not everyone can adapt, if you can stick to it, and always do this this is a golden bowl, or otherwise choose the training on him, after all school than ordinary college students demanding a lot, to bear the pain and pressure than ordinary university high school, strict management! Because of this, the evaluation of all the graduates of this school by the various employers at the time of graduation is good.

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