It's so easy to break up, you don't know how hard I worked for these hands

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original title: break up so easily, you don't know how hard I tried for these hands

twelfth to Chang John Guli Nazha 201712

with this pair just separated by Christmas,

third crude calculations,

2017 entertainment and broke up more than 10 couples,

average one month, there is a pair of breakup rhythms

really let just finished the 2017 inventory successfully hand lovers,

some sentimental


eleventh on Hyun Bin Kang Sora 201712

beauty and the Geek's love for Korean fans sisters Hyun Bin and Kang Sora are old acquaintances level. In the past 82 years, Hyun Bin has contributed to the Korean drama named "Jin San Shun", which has a good performance in the secret garden and Hai Dezhe Kehr and I. Jiang Su La is 8 years younger than Hyun Bin. He is a Korean word of mouth film and TV actor. After 90 years, the acting strength school is represented by the classic sunshine sisters, the phenomenal comic dramas, "no life", "Doctor stranger" and so on. After a year of love, he announced a breakup, and the official cause was "busy".

tenth to Zheng Kay Cheng Xiao Yue 201711

began to notice that Cheng Xiaoyue didn't want to be in the third season of "we love each other". The real couple in the show just broke up in the three or four months after the end of the program. 2015 Qixi Valentine's day, Zheng Kai micro-blog's high-profile confession: "every place I have visited, I have your figure. I hope I can go to every corner of the world with you." Two years of love, not to be sob.

ninth to Lee Min Ho Pei Xiuzhi 201711


can be said to be the Korean current hot Almighty female artist, has the potential to 90, this year just contributed traffic when you are sleeping "fantasy" (with Li Zhongshuo), and launched his first solo album "Yes? No?", officially debuted as a solo singer. In addition to Gianna Jun's blue sea legend at the end of last year, it doesn't seem to be able to meet with the audience this year. It's not clear whether the two breakup is a "journey".

eighth to Chen Xiang Mao Xiaotong 201710

Chen Xiang in the reality show "Dear inn" about love cries, let the couple has been low-key in breaking up a fairly high profile. Two people love is in the new version of "The legend of Condor Hero shooting", the same group led into another pair of lovers is Chen Xiaohe Michelle Chen. Now two combination has been married, happy, Chen Xiang Mao Xiaotong couple was bestie, fans referred to a feather to tear each other, love the.

seventh pair of potted brother silly face Na 201710

this not what to say, he is to stand a silly face and Bibb ~

sixth to Lee Jun-ki Jeon Hye Bin 201708

two people announced their relationship only in April this year, and announced their breakup in August. The official statement was in the first half of 2016, because the "busy journey" led to a distant relationship. Well, "itinerary" is really innocent, why every couple of lovers in the entertainment circle break up because of me...

fifth to the South column hlee biblical 201708

favorite pair of children, the shortest time together is