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original title: retro classic four old gentleman with new fashion coat | is popular



Polo windbreaker is one of the most popular items in the street, characterized by large bags on both sides and large buttons in two rows. As the name implies, the Polo coat is actually the earliest British polo player on the field, wearing warm clothes, and it is also popular in the United States. It is light, warm and practical. Show the elegant fashionable gentleman, with a lot of all-match single product collocation, also has multi-level visual effect.



camping windbreaker is a rare practical single product in the fashion world, which evolved from the blanket of the Nordic seafarers. It was not expected that this cold - resistant coat was later discovered by the British navy, to World War II, and to the pursuit of the fugitive sergeant and the noblemen. After the war, the fashion circle did not let it become a camping coat retirement arrangement under bad weather conditions, wind single product. The popularity of the camping windcoat is still under way, and the fabric is mostly wool, and the buckles are mostly buckles. Because the design of horns buckles helps them with thick gloves and easy to take off their overcoats.



what is Chester coat, is a very British gentleman breath coat, usually knee length and tailored, such as tweed, camel such heavy materials. The main features are single row buttons, short suit collar, may use velvet neckline, and no extra design of cuffs. Chester coat with many classic items, are made by men's development and, in nineteenth Century, the sixth generation of Chesterfield, due to the success of designing this coat, which caused the storm tide at the time of the men's fashion.



classic and fashionable military uniform will be overshadowed before the Navy's Pea Coat coat. As early as 1881, Pea Coat has become the US Navy's costume. As a classic style that is not out of date, it has almost never changed from its birth to a few hundred years now. Although it has undergone changes from the army to civilian use, it still maintains its functionality as a naval costume. As the cold weapon, you can wear in the suit, both warm and not bloated, yet stylish!

the traditional heavy coat is too long, while the short version of pea coat dominates the street. This hot single product is a classic that has lasted for 130 years. The origin and the army pea about coat, according to the record, this coat first appeared in the early eighteenth Century of the British Royal Navy sailors wearing wool coat, so pea coat also known as the "Navy". Pea coat has short and medium length. At the beginning of 1881, the US Navy used short pea coat as a standard uniform, which has been used to the present. So now most of the pea coat are short.


this season are the continuation of the uniform boom, Green Army Navy coat is still not a classic fever. With a suit in a suit, the English Tune immediately shows

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