The island country is male with "the beauty girl warrior" cos suit, the woman clothes big guy's spring really come?

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is now more and more women's dresses, and more and more people are starting to provide them with convenient disguise services. For example, the island country recently launched a male "cos suit" with "beautiful girl warrior", and the moon can replace the moon instead of you.

, the series of American cos clothing, not only the sailor clothing is in place, even the headwear and gloves will be allocated to you. If you match professional pose, boys can also become a member of the US war.

has seven colors to choose from. (a word is too amazing)

even size with you, no longer have to worry about not buying the appropriate cos clothes, XXL you deserve to have a ~

just ah, the gimmick, the factory friend, can you make the cloth better? So wrinkled, look at do not float up ah ~

said, the island men really have a honey love for sailor clothes. In the past few years, they also introduced men's special sailors' home clothes, which is said to be able to reinvent youth and relieve stress.

look at this configuration, coral fleece fabric is soft and comfortable, even socks is soft, furry oh!

this special seaman living clothing series from the creative brand BibiLab, with two black and white models for you to choose.

is embarrassed to challenge the girl JK, and it can also make you addicted to both sailors and low profile in the crowd (FOG). Each set of prices is not very expensive, for 6880 yen (about 366 yuan).

The integrated design of loose

close by stomach Indoorsman made perfect cut well...... Come and see the real man try it on.

and the legendary absolute realm... Well, accept and die, you choose one.

don't be stingy, and show off the smooth and clean area between the skirts and socks. Do you feel like flying?

but, after the brain mended the picture,

days, still my lovely sailor dress sister!!! (wrath lick me)

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From: 岛国出男性用《美少女战士》cos服,女装大佬的春天真的来了?
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