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just over 20 years old, Henan yuan is Changyuan County, his parents divorced his father lives, poor he is not depressed, but swear by their own efforts to create a better future, he studies the technology in the local culinary college, graduating grade grade first, right determined to do a result, did not expect a sudden illness let his dream broken. More importantly, he was sad that his father had never seen him for a long time, when he was most miserable, desperate and needed to care for his family. Guest micro / visual China

kamoto 10 years old when her parents divorced, her mother brought her sister left home, and his life with his father, father smoking and drinking a bad temper, he no longer cared, he often did not even the meal. At the school of culinary school, he worked hard to earn a living in the student cafeteria, the first in the whole grade. The 2015 Milan World Expo delicacy Promo Chinese Museum big screen scrolling is kamoto carved dragon phoenix carved picture.

16, he Yuan went to a restaurant in Chengdu for a short period of three months. His department had promoted his intention to be a supervisor. However, a serious illness had destroyed all his dreams. In 2016, he had a total of about 300000 yuan for medical expenses and about 1000000 yuan in 2017. Now he still struggles on the line of death. Because the use of bone marrow transplantation in the treatment of hormone caused by thin limbs, facial swelling, long-term pain and suffering and now He Yuanhe once he panruoliangren.

The process of

chemotherapy is very painful. In order to let he yuan distract attention and relieve pain, she suggests that he write something and read books at ordinary times. Just when he was sick Yuan said: I cried so hard, usually when the old man begging on the road, whether or not they are a liar, I will just make their hard-earned money to give them, sometimes even I one day meal...... I treat others like this, why do I get such a disease? Why did God do this to me, what did I do wrong? Now he saw the element condition is getting worse, Li Xia cries every day.

sad Li Xia said, children in the most suffering and despair, the most in need of care of the family, his father was in the last year of nearly 140 thousand yuan of 9 copies with donors who love disappeared, telephone does not receive information back, even kamoto Rucang transplantation when a life-and-death matter send a message to seemy father side did not get a reply. He told reporters that I was just 20 years old, I love life, I want to live, I still have that

From: 小伙患病生命垂危 父亲拿走救命钱
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