This meat is easy to absorb, suitable for the elderly children to eat, the practice is simple, the taste is also particularly good!

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original title: this meat is good digestible and easy to absorb, suitable for elderly children to eat, simple and delicious.

a few days ago, he phoned his mother, said Shansanje is like a little, after the frost mulberry leaves, mulberry cream can be used as medicine, some small recipe will also use it, such as water or drink mulberry leaves, mulberry leaves with water feet etc.. There are two mulberry trees in the yard. From that day on, the mother goes around to pick up some mulberry leaves, and then dry them up and pick them up. I want to say that this thing needs a little bit, but it doesn't bother the old lady, but she doesn't want to disturb the old lady. She wants to pick it up and pick it up. Her mother's love is just like that, moistening everything silently, a wild vegetable, a bag of mulberry leaves, feeling and grateful.

has been frying the shredded meat recently, so that it has forgotten the existence of other dishes every day. Buy some chicken legs and go home for a change. The chicken legs are fried first and then cooked. It is very simple and delicious. Children like to eat such dishes and do it together.

chicken is rich in nutrition, easy to cook, and also very good for digestion and absorption. It is very suitable for old children to eat, and often do it in a different way.

material: three

of chicken legs

ingredients: green onion ginger

soy sauce: salt soy sauce wine thirteen sweet barbecue sauce vinegar sugar oyster


prepares the chicken leg.

uses the kitchen scissors to bone the chicken legs, quietly tell you that kitchen scissors are very easy to use, boning is also very convenient, along with the bone scissors open, but this pair of scissors should be sharp enough. Boneless chicken, do Kung Pao Chicken, do spicy chicken, or fried chicken is very good. So you have to learn to go to bone.

bone after the bone in a large bowl, add ginger, salt, add wine, add thirteen incense, mix evenly and salted.

in a small bowl, with soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and turned into juice.

pan preheated the oil and fried the chicken skin down in a small fire.

fried yellow after fry.

on both sides of the yellow, pour the good juice into the pot,

be add some chicken soup (or water),

fire to boil, turn small fire stew to chicken well,

open the natural juice.

take out the chicken, change the knife into strips, install the dish, pour the soup in the pot, you can go to the table.

this dish, with rice is also very good.

I made my own sauce, can use the ready to burn the sauce, is more convenient.

sauce used in the sauce

From: 这肉好消化易吸收,适合老人孩子吃,做法简单,味道还特别好!
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