BABYGHOST one sold to the shortage jacket. Today we're on the shelf again!

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original title: BABYGHOST has one sold to the shortage jacket, today we are on the shelf again!

BABYGHOST Zen striped denim jacket $639

cargo number: 51749176

this jacket and jacket design is somewhat different, and it uses three kinds of material assembled in the position of the arm also added a pocket shaped strap buckle design, then the button is full of girls heart up shape. At the same time integration of the cool and sweet, and very all-match, no wonder the office so little sisters love it!

in order to tap this short jacket more possibilities to catch, I found our good friend Luna Wu Yue, let her wear a BABYGHOST striped jacket, look can take out several other trendy and cool girl. We also put the editorial department of the little sisters together, let them judge their favorite outfit is what kind of!

creating a rich sense of hierarchy is a more common skill in collocation. BABYGHOST this jacket is short enough, so the space that can be put into play will be very large. Today we have chosen to fold our trousers into our dresses, so there are three levels from top to bottom, and in shoes part, we specially matched a pair of sneaker to make the overall style more fashionable.

Tibetan blue striped jacket BABYGHOST

printing one-piece, wide leg jeans are MO& Co

> white shoes Adidas Original Edit small access



Y: can you say what you see the first feeling of this shape?

W: isn't that pair of pants taken from my home? I feel I have ten! Ha ha ha ~ anyway, broad leg pants have always been my love, plus sneaker, enough enough.

Y: this BABYGHOST jacket, what do you think is the right place to wear? And which items to match with?

W: I think it's good to wear all kinds of party at the end of last year! Because it's a short jacket, it's really stature, so I think it's good to use the most classic white T jeans.

Y: do you have any unique views on "stacking"?

W: stacking" is really a skill that needs skill. The material and profile of clothing need to be considered. Adding a sense of hierarchy is indeed the most important of the overlay, but if you don't do it well, do basic girl.

collocation single recommended

BABYGHOST twill woven broad leg pants $486<

From: BABYGHOST有件卖到缺货的夹克,今天为了我们又上架了!
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