This little fresh country, what I am most obsessed with is the rice

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original title: this small fresh country, the most let me forget is that rice

many people mentioned Thailand

all think of the next Southeast Asian gourmet

Tom Yum Kung and Chiang Mai Glutinous rice, mango


but for adults,

rich flavor, soft palate, a taste of "font-size: 16px style=

we often say "font-size: ", the exact name is "Thailand jasmine rice, non glutinous rice varieties is. Thailand province rice harvest year, two to three times a year, and rice, produces only one time.

said Thai fragrant rice rice aristocracy is a little too much. As a whole, Thailand has a slender and translucent appearance. Its germ has no white spots, and its beige is pure and white like jasmine. Its cooked rice is permeable and flexible, and has a unique fragrance of Pan Dan leaf. The most cunning Hongkong people in the Chinese mouth prefer the long and long rice.

Thai fragrant rice is soft and silky, because Thai fragrant rice amylose content among low (12% to 19%, the starch content of ordinary rice is 70%-80%). And the level of amylose content determines the degree of hardness of rice after cooking, the lower the softer, the more slippery.

natural spread, not only for ripening, farmyard manure, rice is growing because of the nature. Often said that the Buddha Buddha department, is the head of the Thai fragrant rice rice rice system fo.

in Thailand several famous Thai rice producing areas, rice is not around, standing in the factory, not tall, but the temple group. Simple tainon believe that the blind pursuit of yield and yield is the nature of disrespect and infringement.

From: 这个小清新国家,最让我念念不忘的是那口米饭
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