Central media: real estate control has achieved positive results

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original title: central media: real estate control achieved positive results

Abstract: the central bank's "Financial Times" issued a review of the real estate market this year, said the effect of the real estate regulation gradually, the precipitous rise of housing prices has been effectively curbed, investment and speculative demand has been curbed, the long-term mechanism of stable and healthy development of the real estate market to accelerate the market to maintain a stable and healthy development.

nineteen report, "insisted the house was used to live, not to stir the position, speed up the establishment of multi agent supply, multi-channel support, and the purchase of housing system, let all the people and housing." Since this year, adhere to the classification regulation, because of the city due to the policy, the country has issued a series of measures to stabilize the market of the real estate regulation effect gradually, the precipitous rise of housing prices has been effectively curbed, investment and speculative demand has been curbed, the real estate market stability and healthy development of the long-term mechanism of flat to accelerate market to maintain a stable and healthy development.

The fast rise in housing prices in hot cities in

has been effectively suppressed by

this year, China continues to adopt the classification regulation, because the real estate regulation policy of city facilities strategy, do first-tier cities and hot second tier city control prices, risk prevention, the implementation of the purchase of credit limit, limit the sale, price and other measures in the regulation, to effectively curb speculative investment demand, reduce the market leverage at the same time, increase the supply of housing and land leasing, accelerate the three or four line of the city's real estate inventory.

According to

statistics, Centaline Property Research Center this year, the real estate policies across the country issued a total of more than 210 times, of which only in October there are more than 25 city issued the regulation of real estate policies 34, regulatory policy coverage is from a second tier city hot city past three or four line to further expand wai.

, in fact, under the action of real estate regulation, this year, the real estate market has basically maintained a steady and healthy development. Housing prices have been rising rapidly and effectively curbed. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in October, the prices of newly built commercial housing and second-hand housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities dropped 13 months in a row, and the second tier cities fell for 11 consecutive months. The price of new housing in hot cities is stable, and the following fall is the main. According to statistics, this year, Beijing prices only two months to maintain a slight rise, decline in 5 months, at 3 months, from May to October for the 6 consecutive month prices did not rise; Shanghai is only two months to keep up, at 3 months, 5 months of decline, from March to September for 7 months may not rise; Shenzhen this year all down or flat, among them 7 months to keep down.

at the same time, the corresponding investment, sales also fell, showing a downward trend in volume and price. The growth rate of investment in real estate development decreased from 8.9% at the beginning of this year to 7.5% in January to November. The sales area of the national commercial housing increased from 25.1% at the beginning of this year to 7.9% in January to November, of which the commercial housing decreased from 23.7% to 5.4%. In addition, three or four lines of cities have also made positive progress in inventory control, and the area of commercial housing sales has been decreasing. At the end of 11, it has reached 596 million 60 thousand square meters, which is 109 million 490 thousand square meters lower than that at the end of 2.

In terms of

credit, financial institutions implement differentiated housing credit policies, and credit flows to investment and speculative purchases are strictly limited. Meanwhile, they strongly support the housing demand of residents, the development of housing rental market and shanty towns transformation. At the end of 9, the balance of personal housing loans increased by 26.2%, and the growth rate was 4.6 percentage points lower than the end of the last quarter. The balance of the national security housing development loan was 3 trillion and 200 billion yuan, up 37.9% from the same period, and the growth rate was 1.7 percentage points higher than that of the end of 6 month.

State Statistical Bureau spokesman Mao Shengyong said recently that, overall, on the one hand, and the main focus of city city housing prices situation under control; on the other hand, turnover, investment is relatively stable, the overall operation of the current real estate market is relatively stable, the regulation effect, the risk has been basically controlled.

real estate long-term mechanism to accelerate the promotion of

since this year, the long-term mechanism of real estate regulation and the housing system with the same purchase and rent have accelerated. Statistics show that the rental population in China is expected to reach 190 million people, the rental market is more than trillion yuan, and the housing rental market has a great potential for development. However, we should also see that at present, the total amount of rental housing is insufficient, the market order is not standardized, and the policy support system is not perfect. The role of renting housing in solving the housing demand of urban residents, especially the new citizens, has not yet been fully realized.

in April this year, the Ministry of housing, land department issued "on the strengthening of the housing and land supply management and control related work notice" proposed, in the rental housing supply and demand contradictions prominent large and large city, to carry out construction land rental housing pilot use of collective construction.

7 20 July, the Ministry of housing and other nine ministries jointly issued the "notice" on accelerating the development of the housing rental market in the net inflow of population big city, accelerate the construction of rental housing, the cultivation and development of the housing rental market, and Shenzhen, Nanjing, including Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Hefei Zhengzhou, Zhaoqing, Foshan, 12 city as the first batch of pilot units to carry out the housing rental.


, all leasing policy has landed, Guangzhou and Beijing announced the "purchase rights, restore Shenzhen" land allocation ", Shanghai pilot

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