You don't have a fast idle oven, crisp pastry Zaoni with me, even eat 5 is not fun

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original title: you don't have a fast idle oven, crisp pastry Zaoni with me, even eat 5 is not fun

Chinese pastry, butter crisp snacks than western style open materials should be more simple, is the practice are too complex. A friend of the authentic Xinjiang jujube, jujube sweet smelling light is very attractive, just change a little of traditional snacks, the kids eat crisp cakes, pastries than traditional simple and more suitable for low temperature weather, eliminating the wake and wake up the dough left trouble, love to eat the traditional pastry friends can try, very easy to succeed.

Need to use

materials in Zaoni and lard, lard is made by myself, but also their own fried lard Zaoni, practice before the hair, in need of a friend can look over, Zaoni is very universal, not only can be used to do this with dessert, bread, steamed buns can be used to do more, can be sealed it kept refrigerated. The outside sell pastry snacks are very cheap, because of the use of the cheap shortening and leavening agents, often eat will cause irreversible damage to the body, love to eat friend or yourself something clean.


] Zaoni cake

material: jujube red dates 500 grams, 20 grams of sugar, 50 grams of corn oil

oily materials: Flour 200 grams, 60 grams of lard, sugar 30 grams, 120 grams of water

pastry ingredients: Lard 140 grams, 70 grams of flour.

: a decorative egg, black sesame seed amount.


1, jujube wash clean, water soaked for a few hours, Xinjiang jujube most of the trees on the wind, bubble and make a better taste.

2, soaked jujube with water, boil and boil for half an hour.

3, cooked jujube hot strip.

4, wearing gloves discarded by extrusion.

5 will be broken into paste machine, add a bit of water, I used to jog, a few seconds.

6, wall breaking machine after whipping Zaoni very delicate.

7 will pour Zaoni non stick pot, small fire does not stop stir.

8, when the water is slightly dry time to add sugar and oil, no stop mixing, to prevent the paste bottom.

9, the water is dry out by fried jujube paste, covered with plastic wrap to prevent skin. Fried jujube prepared to poke sticky fingers, color dark brown.

10, the oil material into the basin.

11, knead the smooth dough to the extended state and cover with a fresh-keeping film for an hour.

12, the pastry material into the pot.

13, knead the pastry.

14, youpi dough is laid on the table will wake up on the square to roll into thin sheet.

15, the pastry into two, put on the skin.

16, push it out with your hands.

17, wrap around on all sides, roll it thin again.