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original title: Shaanxi Xianyang a middle school campus is the same school brawl, principals were dismissed

Original title: Shaanxi

Xianyang is a middle school students after school with students brawl, principals were dismissed

furuwatari school. Official map

Shaanxi Xianyang middle school was 5 Gang outside, the video circulated on the Internet raises concerns. It is understood that these students are over high school students in Xianyang city. The Propaganda Department of Xianyang city of the district 26, Xinhua reporters, over high school students fight school after the incident, has given disciplinary sanctions on 5 students to participate in the fight to be removed, the school principal and vice chancellor of middle school in charge of school safety work over a disciplinary warning.


named "Xianyang discovered violent video circulated on the Internet, a number of people were wearing uniforms boys beat" video on the front. Video display, in a clearing, wearing a uniform, endorsement package by other boys, 5 boys fighting, flying kick, and with a stick in his whip and hit the student several times by the kick down, then pulled up and beaten. 1 of them were wearing black coats, and the other 4 wore the same school uniform as boys. There was a shared bicycle on the scene, and there were clothes and bags on the car. The video triggered attention and hot discussion.

The 26

District of Xianyang city propaganda department told reporters that in December 20th, outside the high school students in Xianyang city of Shaanxi ferries to fight after the incident, police and education departments in the investigation in a timely manner, quickly find out the truth and be strict, education departments of the investigation team into the ancient ferry high school, was a serious deal on the responsible person under investigation. At the same time, we need to do the emotional appeasing and psychological counseling of the students and their families who are battered, and carry out the investigation of campus safety hidden danger in all schools, and carry out safety thematic education for students to prevent violence inside and outside campus, and resolutely put an end to such things.

after the investigation, the Public Security Department of 5 middle school students at grade nine ferries in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to give severe punishment for minor crimes involving treatment with results announced. According to the opinions of middle school over the public security department, made a serious disciplinary of 5 students.

Xianyang City Education Bureau qindouou

responsible person to accept the new network reporter interview said, the 25 day, the district education bureau Party committee according to the investigation team, the relevant person in charge of the school to make a decision, to be removed from office handling over high school principal; vice president of middle school in charge of school safety work over a disciplinary warning; the middle school politics over the interim head of admonishing conversation, and notify the school to participate in the region; 5 students hit the class teacher were removed from the classteacher, and in the region's criticism.

, at present, every school in Qin Du District is carrying out a serious investigation of hidden danger in campus safety, and carrying out special education activities on campus to prevent violence inside and outside campus. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 陕西咸阳一中学生校外被同校生群殴,校长被免职
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