How do these garbage companies go to the city? Right, money and meaning, the IEC in 25 years

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original title: how do these garbage companies go to the city? Right, money and meaning, the IEC in 25 years


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veto rate is far more than the first three quarters of this year.

" traces back to the Chinese capital market. It will remember that in November 20, 2017, three unusual events happened on the seventeenth inauguration ceremony of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

first, Liu Shiyu, chairman of the SFC, announced that the SFC Party committee has decided to set up the issuance and merger and reorganization inspection and supervision committee, and make a 360 degree evaluation of the performance of the issuance Committee and its members. We should improve the supervision and restriction mechanism, and insist on no forbidden zones, full coverage, zero tolerance, and final appeal.

Second, in the end of October, the media just broke, more than before the issuance examination committee to take coercive measures, Yishe LETV IPO financial fraud.

Third, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Commission of discipline inspection team leader Wang Huimin attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, asked the members of the SIEVC hold honest bottom line, and resolutely do not receive money, not fried stocks, do not eat "firmly; prohibited by listed companies intend to buy shares in the original corruption; resolutely implement the relevant provisions of avoidance, prevention of conflict of interest; resolutely purify the circle of friends, pure social communication. In addition, the individual reporting system must be implemented. "For an unregulated enterprise, be brave to vote for a veto."

> fourth. This is the first time the CSRC discipline inspection leader attended the inauguration ceremony of the issuance examination committee and delivered a speech.


(new issuance of trial Commission)

fifth; the seventeenth issuance examination committee under the stage is also the first big trial committee that does not distinguish the motherboard and gem, there are 42 full-time commissioners and 21 part-time commissioners, less than 66 of the quota. Released in September 3 to list any failed to formal appointment, respectively, Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau Inspection Department researcher, accountant Fang Yongfeng, duty partner of international accounting firms and Ye Hui Beijing Tianyuan full accounting firm partner Wei Qiang.

sixth, a colleague of Wei Qiang, where the accounting firm was the deputy general manager Sun Xiaobo LETV IPO of the audit committee, and at the end of October was taken away, this may be the cause of the last moment to be eliminated Wei qiang. Ye Hui is considered to have a historical stain, and should be responsible for the unqualified audit of the listed company.

yiyezhiqiu. 9 days after the inauguration ceremony, Chongqing broadcasting and other three GEM companies are not created first in the history of "zero rate", the capital market shock, investment banks and listed companies were.

, according to the statistics, the seventeenth session of the Commission has been appointed, the rate of IPO has fallen from 80% to about 50%.


(2015-2017 enterprise IPO will rate source: Wind,

card Hang Seng)


Wang Xiaoshi: 80 stealth and 30 case list

Commission, which took up the headlines on a large scale, started from the beginning of the start of the start of the board at the end of 2009. The myth of one night's riches, the mystical shareholders and the financial falsification and performance that are visible to the naked eye constitute the main contradiction of the capital market in the next few years. The media and the shareholders have a large part of anger pointing to the failure of the Commission to play a key role.

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