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original title: because it was full of three kinds of nuns lovable dinner also | lifestyle


is from a small city in the southwest,

here every day is cloudy and rainy, the green wild.

every winter,

bought a few bale peddlers to sell "white fragrance",

"autumn" sausage, "autumn" Bacon (local dialect),

is the first step of the new year.

The indispensable role of

on the rice


in order to make the taste more in line with the traditional appearance of preserved meat,


families will go to the market or drive directly to the country,

selected high quality pork with a variety of spices and spices,

pickled pork, with special fingering and traditional tools,

into the pig intestine, a separate section with cotton,

is preserved in the meat of the seasoning, and there is no other miscellaneous taste,

emanates, is the strong flavor of the year.

had little air to feel the cold winter of the north for years,

Beijing's gourmet food and everything,

has tasted all kinds of sausages in all parts of the country,

the exquisite Cantonese sausage in the rice cooker,

can be directly used as the northeast red wine


but last night in the dream, still reminiscent of the taste of the hometown.

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is too much to eat sausage bacon,

a few days ago, a titanium cabin,

Tian Xin to rash and too much in haste to his mother's house,

(Ceng) tasted (chi) beauty (Ceng) food (he),

we took the authentic Qingchuan pork

Handmade sausage, pork sausage and streaky bacon,

Tian Xin hope can give us a mummy named

taste of home Lawei dinner, when the new year ahead of ~

Tian Xin mother but titanium empty cabin chef certification,

is a Wuhan woman,


but they are not familiar with the Sichuan Lawei will not panic,

first made a broccoli braised sausage, "a scene ~

first saute the sausages out of the oil, the aroma,

and then put into the water after the boil and stir fry broccoli, seasoningpot.

this dish is simple not complicated, but very quickly by

soft crunchy broccoli absorbs the sweet scent of the sausage,

and sausages have a broccoli lining, fragrant but not firewood.

of course, as the southwest meat and eat authentic


"saucepan steaming" is the classic choice,

scrub, steamed to soft waxy in the steamer,

comes out of the pot with a strong aroma,

wok in the wok of gas like clouds, while hot eating,

color fragrance is the peak time, full of incense,

no matter how hot the mouth, can't help but want to swallow.

day Tim Xin mother cooking all kinds of delicious food and

, pig's trotters stewed Sauteed Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts sawuteed Braised pork in brown sauce,

Donggang Liquor-Soaked Crabs zuixia, homemade bean curd halogen


each has its own wonderful, each has its own taste,


will stop the Sichuan basin Lawei brings a refreshing and ~


# if food is a wish lamp to cure life,


Sichuan cured must be "recovered" that a way home.

now in big cities, it's less than the past 3/5,

has so little to eat authentic southwest sausages,

to the supermarket sale but also can sniff at, only


now is the end of the year, time to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival,

less space for everyone to prepare the most authentic Sichuan style bacon,

take a few bags home, stir fry two dishes and a glass of wine,

has a delicious year.

Qingchuan mountain. Handmade spicy sausage


as a authentic Qingchuan sausage,

will only choose the pig meat as raw materials before and after


fat ratio must be strictly in accordance with the 3:7 to handle the

this ratio will not cut the sausage fertilizer nor firewood,

guarantees the classic proportioning and

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