Chu Zhaohui: what hinders the Asian Education into the world? | Masters

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original title: Chu Zhaohui: what hinders the Asian Education into the world? | famous

in recent years, in the world, the vane of educational reform and development has been in Europe and America. However, the importance of education in Asian countries is much higher than that of other regions. Why is it always following the trend of education in Europe and America? Researcher Chu Zhaohui China Education Scientific Research Institute believes that the Asian Education excessive adhesion to culture, to some extent hindered the understanding of education to people's subjectivity and respect, Asian Education with profound "he main complex", the Asian influence people's self-confidence and self education ability and independent consciousness.

throughout the world, Asian Education once was once brilliant in the world. In the past 500 years, Asian education has not been in the forefront of the world. This is a problem worth thinking about by Asians. It is particularly worth thinking in the Asian education.

under the constraints of culture and system, it is difficult to get out of the "follow up" situation

answer this question. We must not fail to compare the European and American education with Asian Education for nearly 500 years. Carefully observe the process of leading European and American education is not an immutable and frozen, but a large number of different educational sages, in different countries and regions continue to process, such as Herbart, Rousseau, Montessori, Comenius, Dewey, new ideas emerge in an endless stream of new.


adherence to the original culture. There are many sources of Asian culture. East Asian culture rooted in thousands of years ago and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After the Meiji Restoration, the East Asian culture contained potential rules and important values of human's future development and revival, and at the same time, it had autocratic characteristics. The excessive adhesion of Asian Education to culture, to a certain extent, hinders the recognition and respect of education to human subjectivity, thus hindering the faster progress of education.

dependency on the government management system. Most of the countries in Asia are in the subordinate status of education. The independent development of education is seriously inadequate. The excessive dependence on government management is mainly concentrated in two aspects of school management and education evaluation. In school management, schools are strictly restricted according to the idea of running a scholar and running independently according to the real growth and development needs of different students.

in education evaluation, professional evaluation is not high, with a single test scores to evaluate different students' personality differences, not only limits the students on the basis of the nature of development, and increase the academic burden, China, Korean and Japanese students different degrees in the "examination oriented education".

greater autonomy can generate new positioning