Burgundy, caramel, cinnamon, and cinnamon... These hot lips you also confiscated 2017 white.

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original title: Burgundy, caramel cinnamon... These hot lips you also have a white can be confiscated, 2017

to buy lipstick for women is like a "disease", new colors emerge in endlessly, the old color is abandoned, and always buy and buy in the dead cycle. Say no more. Let's see if you have these popular colors and styles this year. If you haven't bought one, please add a shopping cart first. Thank you!


red popular representative:

red maple leaf color, juicy tomato color, Burgundy Red

's enduring red system still occupies the hot selection this year, but we all use the same three red tones to replace the traditional positive red.

red maple leaf color

everyone in this winter a lot to hear "maple leaf color, brick red, rusty the lip color, we gave them the name" red maple leaf color uniform". Red with yellow rust, like autumn is yellow with a red maple leaf, so that the original strong bright red become calm.

In the first two days of

, Yang Mi also made Amway a dry maple leaf, which she was in love with on micro-blog.

this color is especially suitable for the winter, because of the colour of the season itself will be more boring, if you want to light through it with makeup is red too jump, and red maple leaf color in low lightness broke the dull feeling while it is winter texture, low-key and advanced.

young girl if you love this color but also afraid too "heavy", can be mixed with some orange, or choose smooth texture, so that the overall will be more lively and daily.

juicy Tomato Color

although the tomato red has been more popular, but this year it seems that people prefer a glossy texture. Compared with the previous senior matte makeup, it is like the water of wet plump and juicy red tomatoes, let more vitality on the lips.

is precisely because of its moist texture that it can obscure the age dividing line of red before the cougar and the young girl, which not only reduces the mature charm, but also adds some fresh and tender.

because of the color so that when you jump in the coating of the lip color, clothing must match with it. To the overall look more harmonious and complete on the choice of the same color clothes, instead if you want to use clothing to reconcile this warm sense of color, choose the simple black and white ash, such as the existence of lip color will not be too monotonous.

Burgundy Red

said that Burgundy Red people might be strange, but as soon as you look at the color, you will shout "this is not my aunt color", but it's wrong! It's more than a lost purple in her aunt's color, and it's a perfect proof of it.

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