HR said to me: a master's master in Britain is a master of a year, and there will be no business unit in our country.

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original title: HR told me: "a year's master degree in Britain is a fake master, and there will be no institution in China.


recently, a corrupt country to study buddy online hoarse recounting his encounter injustice:

ta" said that she had read the book for a year in England, but when TA went to public institutions, HR issued a series of questions that caused TA liver pain. What is "why your master is only over a year?" "Do you really want to graduate for more than a year?" "You're not afraid to read a fake master!" ...


" you are afraid not to read a fake master's bar! " The buddy to get this reply, estimate the heart has ten thousand mud horse in a party.

why? How did my big rot country diploma provoke you? No powder (black) you are not happy? You must be jealous of our country students rot low efficient, it deliberately said such a sour!

in fact, the British Master's water is not water, early is the British party and the non British party tearing up a special topic. This topic is so popular, that Baidu search can be found 5210000 results, known almost has a special problem called "master really water", the tear forced tore more than 300 answers, not including all stand, and onlookers Tucao comment.

then, is the British Master of water?

English master's concept

first, the British Master of English, you have to know what kind of British Master in the end, right? Even a British Master, including a few of them, came to the British Master's water, the British student said:

British Master has two main types, teaching type (Taught Postgraduate includes MSC, MA, etc.) and research type (Research Postgraduate, including MPhil, MPhil).

research master for two years, academic requirements are quite high, to prepare for reading PhD. A lot of people in the black British Master is actually a one-year taught masters.

then why is the class master so dark? The reason is nothing more than a few:

1. learn in a year? Why can you learn the content of a couple of years in a year?

2. entrance threshold is low, no entrance examination, language can be read after.

3. is too many Chinese people, easy to graduate.

4. is not moving on the top of the UK, but how many schools are there in the UK?

So? How many of them can show that the British Master is very water?

be of the length theory?

the place where the British diploma is mainly sowing is that time is too short. Many people question what can you really learn from such a short time of the year?

this actually contains a logical question: is time = efficiency?

some people have read the University for four years, playing for four years; some have read for three years of master's master, and have made little progress. In the final analysis, the efficiency of learning is the curriculum and self - supervision.

and the British class master is actually very substantial, and a lot of time to study, just to compress the holidays. It is likely that a master's vacation time for a year in the UK is more than a winter holiday in domestic universities.

and curriculum, there are about 4-5 classes each semester, look not much, but each class has dozens of pages to page one hundred different reading materials to read, but also from time to time to write papers, prepare for the exam, so go to study in the UK, with widespread crying said the time is not enough. "! Not enough! " Every day

From: HR跟我说:英国一年硕士都是假硕士,国内不会有事业单位要的...
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