Children three tubes, control these three, do not succeed all by you!

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"raises children one hundred years old, long worry ninety-nine". since the birth of the child, every parent has broken heart on the growth and education of the child.

is not afraid of children walking wrestling, is afraid to learn not enough effort, as long as the children in their own side, parents will manage that tube. Not only make yourself tired, the children do not appreciate, get no win.

but in the eggplant teacher's view, the child is no more than the rest, only control these 3, the child is not successful all by you!


's desire to hold children

is now living conditions are good, the parents of the child rearing is paid a lot of money. Not only is it good to eat well, but even the child says everything is done, as long as they are happy.

can not know, it is this idea, let the children lost in the desire, the final achievement is also poor!

has a couple of friends, a man is a bank clerk, and a woman is the head of a clothing store. They have only one only son, and they are middle-aged children, so they spoil their children, no matter what the children say, they will absolutely obey.


's friend's son was 6 years old, he saw someone playing the piano in the restaurant and shouted that he had to play the piano, too. When he thought his son was interested in the piano, his friend bought a home and asked the teacher to teach at home. Unexpectedly, less than two days, the son called hands hurt, just don't touch again. When the children are not happy, their friends are dependent on their children.

Shortly after

, his friend's son saw a skateboard on the square, felt fun, and asked his parents to take themselves to learn. After a week's persistence, the child broke his arm. After months of recovery, the children who had been trained to be lazy, felt too dangerous and turned to Taekwondo.

until now, the children of the same age have Nadechushou strengths, can be friends of the children are still choosy...

children's desire is very strong. They pursue happiness only. If parents don't control and manage their children's free development, they will end up doing nothing.

does not have such a word: "something that is easy to get will never be cherished; but the hard work is always put on the heart."

life is a bitterness and joy, if there is a pain to know how to cherish happiness, but having happiness is not necessarily willing to eat bitterness. so parents, the best education for children, is not to indulge their desire for pleasure.


controls the child's mouth

"Mom, I'm hungry, you're going to cook."

"wait a minute, wait for me and Aunt Li to talk."

"but I'm hungry now. Why do I have to wait?"

"your child, the adult is talking, the child doesn't interrupt!"

if the parents have no such trouble, when talking with others, children always interrupt or appear suddenly interrupted, just wrapped especially naughty, not polite.

remembers a teacher friend who said: smart children like everyone, but clever but intergust children are very disagreeable. Have children attention in class are quite concentrated, but love in kids, a talk to the teacher and the students booing, disrupted thoughts, great influence on the absorption of knowledge.

The habits of

children will follow them for a long time, and if the nature of the love interruption does not change, it will be bad for their future career work. ask, which enterprise will want a love to interrupt, want to show, do not understand the respect of the people?

sometimes, the interruption does not mean that the child's character is optimistic, but it is the lack of their upbringing. A good family background of children will be: don't talk much, don't interrupt people talking, not love in the words of others!

and its emptying mind to create a good education environment for children, it is better to help them correct their mouth and build good cultivation. In this regard, parents can tell their children if they have important things to tell their parents, they must first say "excuse me" or "sorry", so that they will not lose their manners.


manages the lazy

of the child

people live in the world, live in a rough and dreadful way. It doesn't matter if they wear out. If is willing to bear hardships and diligently, there will be great achievements, for fear that you will be lazy.

said it was not thought of, one of the things that coworker said a few days ago. Xiao Zhang's daughter is 12 years old this year, after the summer vacation will be promoted to junior high school, in order to exercise the child's body, Xiao Zhang gave her daughter a field summer camp for 15 days. She thought her daughter was excellent in performance and was sure to be able to perform well in the training camp, but she didn't expect her daughter to be sent back in two days.

and the reason to return it is: too lazy! When the daughter of Xiao Zhang arrived at the training camp, the instructor gave the child

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