Professor Yale: why do some of the world's first-class universities do not love Chinese students?

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original title: Professor Yale: why do some of the world's first-class universities do not love Chinese students?

Chinese people are talented and diligent, but why do world class universities start not to love Chinese students? Chen Zhiwu, a professor at the Yale University, analyzed the reason.

these years saw so many outstanding student from domestic made, they so prominent in the professional, but the way of thinking so rigid, paranoid, social skills and so poor, in addition to their own narrow professional do not know how to deal with people, how to express myself, so I am very sad. These are the root of the problem in education, including school education and family education and social education official.

why do world class universities do not love Chinese students?

Author: Chen Zhiwu

There are two things in

that once again raised my concern about Chinese education.

, when he talked with a famous American university finance professor on the doctoral recruitment policy, he said they might no longer enroll doctoral candidates in China.

this is not the problem of racial discrimination, he is also Chinese, but because of the past years China students began to learn better, then do the PhD research although not outstanding, but also can, but wait until graduation on the market for academic faculty roles, the performance is good, can not find the first-class university faculty. So, they don't want to waste time to cultivate Chinese students.

actually, it's not just their university, but Yale and other universities that I'm in are talking about the same problem. Although we did not decide to stop recruiting Chinese students completely, we were conscious less or occasionally.

in 2015 as an example, the financial department of the United States before graduation 30 PhD, from China a lot, but find the most successful faculty roles to the California Institute of Technology, the University of course is good, but so many Chinese PhD is not a top 10 or top 15 financial department.

, because these doctoral students graduated from the top financial schools, the result is very disappointing, because the resources and professors' energies invested by schools are so many that they have not been rewarded accordingly.

second is that in American financial and Silicon Valley high-tech industries, India - born executives are far more than Chinese.

, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Softbank, Citigroup and other companies are all Indian CEO. In this level of American companies, it seems that a Chinese CEO can not be remembered. The company's vice president at the level of Indians is more.

also, not only is the difference between Chinese and Indians in the American business community, but also in universities. For example, a few years ago the main business school, there are 12 in recruiting the Dean, and 10 of them gave India born without a letter of appointment to American Chinese. Although some of the India descendants declined later, it also reflected the educational and cultural gap between China and India.

Chinese are very talented and smart and diligent, but why are the results so disappointing that they are so different from the people in the United States, India and other countries?

answers mainly in two aspects: one is the concept of education, educational methods, including Chinese parenting style; on the other hand is Chinese culture encourages "obedient" "obedience" are closely related, these culture is actually Chinese life burden, go to where can not be lost, where suffer.

first talk about education

Zhang three (anonymous) was born in a big city in China. He graduated from high school and was admitted to Beijing's top schools such as Tsinghua University. When he went to Yale to read a Ph.D., even the difficult mathematical economic model was too easy for him. In my Ph.D. class, he is always the best. Even in places like Yale, where his genius is gathered, his smart talents are still ahead.

one day two years later, when he go deep in doing research and have excellent results when the Zhang San whisper to me, said he was considering whether to drop out of home to do the PE investment fund, because his parents friends willing to pay $50 million by him to be in charge of management, a rare opportunity.

I asked him, "your talent is so good, I always think you have the most hope of outstanding academic achievement. Tell me, are you really interested in academic research, academic career and passion? "

years of experience let me know, if a person of his work is not interested, no passion, especially when he was doing academic research, so he should do, he should make others think of creative achievements, it is difficult to drive a duck onto a perch! Every day to do what you do not interest, only to deal with, will not get into it, so he himself will be painful, very tired.

Zhang San replied, "there is no interest in academic research. I can do it, and I can write an academic paper, but it's not my interest and passion. Well, I had a doctor's expectation with my colleagues, and that was the case for our major. I then asked him, "then why are you applying for a PhD graduate student?" His answer was not surprising, "because my parents wanted me."

From: 耶鲁教授:为何有些世界一流大学不爱招中国学生?
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