Nokia 7 white version experience: it's probably the most special white double-sided glass cell phone

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original title: Nokia 7 white version experience: it may be the most special white double glass cell phone

12 1, HMD 1st anniversary in Beijing held a birthday party. Unwittingly, the owner of the Nokia mobile phone brand spent the first 365 days of it.

in this year, HMD released up to 11 Nokia brand mobile phone (including functional and intelligent machines), including the familiar return for Nokia 6, feeling full copy of Nokia 3310, using Xiaolong 835 and re branded "ZEISS" mark Nokia (Cai Si) 8 (not listed in the mainland).

Nokia HMD 7 is released in China at the end of October models, HMD is currently the main push models, released at the beginning of the price of 2499 yuan (4GB + 64GB) and 2699 yuan (6GB + 64GB). Nokia 7 provides two colors for black and white, but the first batch of Nokia 7 has only a black version due to the problem of the production process.

was nearly two months apart, and HMD finally came up with a white version of Nokia 7 in the near future. Let's look at it together.

3D surface grinding glass back cover


Nokia 7 white version uses the "sandwich" design of the metal frame and the front and back glass.

the glass cover positive using 2.5D glass, the surface of the thin reservoir do very "sparse", feels good, in the box part of the 7000 series Aluminum Alloy (same as iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, Note 3, millet and other products) 6000 Aluminum Alloy and the number of products compared with higher hardness, the performance of a frame surface treatment, also helps to improve the grip handle.

The most special place of the

Nokia 7 white edition is its rear cover glass.

The left and right sides of the

glass were treated with 3D hot bending, and 2.5D was worn up and down. These processes are not unusual, but in particular, the Nokia 7 back of the glass is not a smooth mirror, and has been sanding.

impression, before the Nokia 7 white version, the mainstream mobile phone products only seemed to have SONY Xperia Z5's rear cover with frosted glass. If there are other models, you can help to point out in the commentary. But Z5's glass is the plane of 2D, with the 3D grind glass material, and the Nokia 7 white version may be the first.

The use of

grit glass makes the back cover of the Nokia 7 white version look very special. For the first time, the Nokia 7 white version's cover is a bit like plastic (of course, the more advanced one). But on the hand, this fine grind feeling is not like plastics. It reminds me of the feeling of ceramics. It's very special.

metal frame with double glass design of the mobile phone is another common problem is the connection box and the rear part of the metal, the glass and metal (usually Aluminum Alloy) two materials have obvious difference, it is often difficult to get two kinds of convergence was relatively perfect, in this case, the heat tolerance of 3D curved glass is more obvious on models will be more obvious.

Nokia 7 has done a good job in this respect, although the hot bending of glass has been carried out on the left and right sides of the glass. However, there is no obvious deviation between the location of the frame of the left and right glass and the metal frame, and the feel of the joint is also more smooth than that of the 3D.

5.2 inch 16:9 screen


Nokia 7 uses a 5.2 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1920X1080 with a long and wide ratio of 16:9. It has to be said that in the recent listing of a number of 6 inch 18:9 full screen phones, the Nokia 7 of this screen is somewhat different.

but the benefits are, compared with before or 6 inches 18:9 full screen the most popular 5.5 inch 16:9 screen, Nokia 7 5.2 inch screen width is significantly smaller, even if it is not to control the border width of Tai Chi, the size is still obvious than the 6 inch and 5.5 inch models a small circle, if you are a "small screen control", Nokia 7 is currently on the market is one of the few in line with one of the requirements of this new machine.

shows the effect of Nokia 7 as well. Although the LCD material, but HMD the screen color is gorgeous, at first glance some Samsung AMOLED feeling, but the screen color and not as many as have deliberately made machine especially cold, the whole belongs to that kind of gorgeous but not feeling too.

needs to remind that although the space on the bottom of the screen is not very narrow, Nokia 7 doesn't integrate touch button function on this chin, but still uses virtual key design. Screen size at 16:9

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