School selection: how are you from the choice of school to see the class of parents?

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original title: school selection: from the choice of school to see the parents class, are you the first layer?

is the first school choice for children in life. Apart from "Buddha parents", most of their parents spend their time on a good primary school and rush to do "famous office". They can see their parents' class anxiety when they choose school.

has been discussing class consolidation recently. Actually, those who are passionate about discussions are struggling inside their own mind. They believe that if they work hard, they will be more advanced. Why do you say that? Well educated wage earners are the first to be recognized because of the education and family environment they have received since childhood. Only a few people in this group have a slightly better employment environment. They sit in high-grade office buildings and drink coffee every day. Some of them are running around in some business buildings and drinking instant coffee slightly.

these parents discuss the few international schools. This middle class is a real sandwich class. Not barefoot, no ability to wear too good shoes, only carefully walk every step, so as to avoid a unmindful, slide to the barefoot.


of this group, it seems, from primary school onwards is a good choice for private, such as the world, seven, Shanda, Shaw, public choice, affordable like a little pearl, the experimental primary school district collect division, etc..

is mainly to see the parents and children's consumption ability, working-class parents of international school, a year tuition like water, but the mother even beauty salons and brand-name bags are not willing to buy, also have the luxury of tens of millions of children serving small home, even parents are foreign dishes in small dishes small.

has such a "chicken soup" on the Internet:

child, you don't come to the world with a gold key. The only thing I can do for you in an ordinary family like ours is to create a better learning opportunity for you, and let you have steps to go to a higher peak. Then, you see in the eyes of the scenery will be lovingly pathetic.

if you always crawl at the feet of destiny and worry about your livelihood, then the beautiful scenery is also sad in your eyes. I am so soft on you at this time that life will be cruel to you in the future.

I would owe you a happy boy, also do not want to see you humble adult.

if you want to in the later stage of life you will be more resourceful, boil some night, eat some bitter, read more. A truly happy life is to pass through a river of sweat to reach it.

only to bend sowing in spring, you can harvest a garden in autumn.

the most intuitive manifestation of the phenomenon of class curing in China lies in the problem of education. The following is the experience of a curator in a Beijing Museum, which is more reflected in this phenomenon.

once, National Museum was responsible for the middle school students' history lessons outside Beijing, which was required by the higher authorities. So all the middle school students in Beijing were exposed. Once, a middle school in the eastern suburbs of Beijing to the country Bo class, because their school is very far from the city, so the scheduled time arrived an hour later, but after the late for school to the museum, the first is to ask the teacher to put forward an hour early to school. In this way, the school will have less than 20 minutes to visit, and the time for a normal school visit should be 2 hours and 20 minutes.

, I was surprised, and asked the teacher: "Why are you so anxious to go back?"

the school teacher said a great reason for the cow.

"The school has a nutritious meal,"

said. "If the feeding company has more time to pay more, we have to get back on time to eat a nutritious meal."

this sentence in a moment let me deeply understand what is called "value orientation."

between "eating nutritious meals on time" and "going to National Museum", the school thinks the former is more valuable than the latter.

what is the impression that this kind of value oriented school left me? The students in this school are very bad at basic knowledge and expression. So some of our colleagues came back to the office and complained that the performance of students in junior school was so poor that they could not teach well.

is in sharp contrast to a famous primary school near Beijing East IV, which has also organized primary school students to attend classes. Their curriculum is not the request of the superior department, it is purely voluntary, and it is to expand the students' vision and knowledge.

what's the level of the pupils in this school?

I asked these students to ask them a question, "what is the dynasty after the Northern Song Dynasty, children?" I hope to lead them to the Southern Song Dynasty, and then lead to the story of Yue Fei's anti gold.

results have a small result

From: 择校:从选择学校看父母阶层,你是第几层?
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