Eating this bowl in winter is much stronger than taking medicine, and you don't have to worry about a cold.

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the weather is getting cold at the speed of the naked eye. Now that if the door is not wearing one or two layers of long johns are out to feel shy. It's cold and dry, so it's easy to catch a cold.

today, we are making up a bowl of magic dishes of Amway, that is little wonton. We should pay attention to the steps of Oh ~ this package wonton package out of wonton stuffing is not scattered not break the skin, but also can be in the soup a little more to put some pepper, but also to prevent colds, give children a bowl of juice in the morning and have a healthy and delicious ~


wonton skin amount, Tricholoma 2, pork 100g, horse 2, pepper, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce 1g, 2G, 3G, chives amount, coriander amount,

amount of laver


1, the water chestnut and diced mushroom into meat stuffing, and pour soy sauce, cooking wine and ginger stir

2, take the right amount of meat and put it on one side of the wonton skin and press flat on one side of the ravioli skin. Roll it up into the back of a strip and roll it into a solid

3, in the bowl, white pepper, scallion, coriander and seaweed are set aside for

4, after the water is boiled down into a good package wonton and cover the pot, to remove soup with wonton float


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