Add it when you cook the rice, and the cooked rice is fragrant. A lot of people don't know!

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original title: cooking rice to add it, cooked rice fragrance! A lot of people don't know!

cooking in rice cooker is convenient and easy to save,

but you know

how to use rice cooker to cook

do you love the rice that can't be released?

to see these little tricks.

1, lard


two, vinegar


Steamed Rice steamed, add a few drops of vinegar, boiled Steamed Rice fragrance will be more thick, also no vinegar, the best is

three, beer


stored for a long time the old rice, I do not know how to handle, when boiled, add beer according to the proportion of normal, not cooked rice as refreshing as Steamed Rice.

four, peanut oil


m can cook, a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of peanut oil and stir together in the water, poured into the rice, boiled rice and its taste is equal to Steamed Rice.

five, salt


add salt in the rice cooker when cooking leftovers. can not only remove the odor, but also eat a delicate taste.

six, rice wine, white wine or yellow wine

fried rice, in Steamed Rice in a few drops of wine, fried fragrant Steamed Rice Woosong, entrance juesha. If the meal cooked, can be Steamed Rice shovel after adding 2 tablespoons rice wine, liquor or Yellow Wine, with slow fire boil for a while.

seven, open water


boiled rice, boiled with boiled water, the vitamin B1 in rice will not be lost and will be locked firmly.

eight, scallion


rice is burnt, what do you do? You can insert a onion in the rice and cover it well for a while and then OK!

nine, tea


pour the soaked tea water into the rice and press the normal way of cooking. The brown rice cooked in this way is full of color, fragrance and taste.

ten, olive oil


cooking rice, adding a bit of olive oil in rice, can delay the sugar speed of rice, and will not cause harm to the stomach. From: 煮米饭时加点它,煮出的米饭香喷喷!很多人都不知道!
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