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original title: 20 photos, warm 2017 of the circle of friends!

for me,

takes a photo to touch

is a kind of action that caresses the person in my eyes,

is my own unique way of expressing respect,

camera at that time was my eye and hand

South Goldin

looks back on 2017 of the past,

feels, moves and sentimentality too much...

today we select 20 of them,

these pictures may not have won the prize,

warms the whole circle of friends,

is unforgettable.



subway TV is sowing:

"five star red flag I am proud of you",

this little friend salutes the TV!

in the face of this moving scene,

netizens have a lot of praise:

"the sense of national honor fostering from childhood,

growing up must be a positive young man,

"junior strong guoqiang".

@ Chengdu subway


Chuxiong, Yunnan.

A newly born abandoned baby was found in the


the air temperature was very low at that time,

children have a convulsive symptom.

on duty after the police found,

take off the uniforms carefully wrapped the child,

and use your body to warm the child.

pictures explode a circle of friends,

won a good example of "serving the people".

Zhong Xin taking


a 3 year old boy has a high fever,

The consciousness of fuzzy and

hospital trismus,

to avoid asphyxiation of children,


put his finger in the baby's mouth,

helped him to hold his tongue.

though the finger was bitten by death,

but the doctor still has the pain to treat him,

until the condition improves.


's child bowed to the doctor,


also deeply bowed in return.

netizens have left a message on "the best physician-patient relationship".

Hubei daily daily Yu Jinyi took


a newborn baby,

only lived in the world for 9 days,

is parting, donate a kidney,

rescued a eight - month - old child from Wuhan.

doctors and nurses collectively mourn their babies,

pays tribute to life!

The parents of

babies say:

"choose this way,

is the best memory for children,

wants someone to look at this beautiful world for her. "

the little angel left in the world,

's best gift.


11 years old sister is like mother,

took care of the 9 - month - old brother of a hemangioma.

's brother is crying, and her sister takes him up,

a few minutes later, his brother fell asleep.

sister said:

"my greatest wish,

is the disease that can cure my brother. "

so brotherly affection.

was praised as "flashing light".

> Xie Qian taking

From: 20张照片,温暖了2017的朋友圈!
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