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original title: do you really have a big eye to see cancer? Dog: Hi, I can...

according to statistics, about 127 million people are found to have cancer each year, and about 76 million people die from cancer. With the development of science, although the cure rate of cancer has increased, is still one of the most fatal diseases in the world.

but when cancer is so terrible, can anyone see you in ?

yes, that's so mysterious!

it is one of the protagonist Piers Morgan Pearce Morgan, British Oprah, the famous host, but also as a "British Master show" judges, viewers good that.

the time before, Piers told the media: he recently met a man of God! looked at the TV and helped him see the cancer!

the thing is, the piercing eye eye can see others cancer the great God is not ordinary people, her name is Gillian Nuttall, who was a study of melanoma experts (melanoma is a kind of skin cancer), is a British anti melanoma mechanism (Melanoma UK) founder CEO.

Gillian Nuttall (source: dailymail)

last month, Gillian was watching TV just to see a Piers documentary, at a glance, this is with the glimpse of Kung Fu, Gillian found the Piers chest shirt open place a black dot (where it is this?!).

yes, that's the way she thinks this black spot is different.

so she suspended the picture carefully observed that mark Piers chest, to make a prompt decision Piers wrote a message, told him that the black patch should go check the chest.

received the Piers of the mail is also not ambiguous, although it felt that this thing sounds very sci-fi, but after all, it is related to health, Pier is also not afraid to neglect. this week, he went to see a top British Department of Dermatology doctor.

In the Department of Dermatology,

, the doctor looked at it and said it was right. At the same time, the doctor told Piers that if came to the hospital a little later, the black spot was likely to be cancerous.

, in other words, Gillian's unintentional glimpse, saved his life, so the lingering Piers expressed thanks to Gillian on each platform for two days.

see here, you may feel that the expert knowledge of cancer second this thing has been very mysterious about it, but if there are dogs can sniff out cancer, do you believe?

well, this is the little cute, it can smell a variety of cancers, including skin cancer, breast cancer, urinary tract cancer etc.. look at this Meng Meng Da look, you dare to believe that anyone is actually a dog doctor?

the dog is named Daisy, a Labrador, trained in the British charity Medical Detection Dogs (medical test dog).

Daisy from the start to smell some deadly cancer. It is the first time to detect the cancer was in 2009 when the object is its owner and trainer Claire Guest behavior, it catches the Claire had breast cancer.

Claire is an animal behavioral psychologist. has worked hard for many years to find how to make the animals with sharp smell discover the cancerous cells in the human body through olfaction. , the results of her study, showed that humans can actually train dogs to detect cancer.

then, Claire began to train the Labrador, called Daisy.

, one day, when Claire was playing with his dog, he found that Daisy kept scratching her chest with his nose and claws. No matter how Claire pushed him away, it still used to scratch the same place.

(source: dailymail)

may be due to the sensitivity of occupation and the particularity of Daisy itself. This may cause Claire's vigilance in the eyes of most people, so she can be vigilant.

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