I said the situation | critically experience a "foreign festival"

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original title: | said the situation I critically experience a "foreign festival"

I'm a situation, and the practice Bureau of the Han Dynasty takes on it. At the end of 2017, I had a long list of travel notes, and finally had the courage to draw a perfect end to the year.

On the other day,

suddenly saw a message - the country stopped the Ocean Festival. As a hope culture can always be inherited and keep the vitality of the people, it is happy. At the same time as the hope is sad with some holiday to engage in things small entrepreneurs. Foreign festivals can be, but some sense of ritual, or critical experience, can not be less. At least, understanding the culture is a way of mastery of personal culture. So I critically experienced a "Ocean Festival".

snow and Christmas and "back garden"

"Christmas", the Chinese translation of the Chinese name is very appropriate, directly to say that the birth of Jesus's day, and also a more straightforward call is "Christmas." Although Christmas is a religious holiday, but on this day, I would like to see is a red and white head kindly grandfather, riding the elk sleigh, or Hashiqila sled can also improvise, sent a bag of gifts and bags of joy.

with a Russian accent with two Kazakhstan with a camouflage of the Santa Claus

this year, City of New York snow is also just good, in order to decorate the festival, is also to remind me, here but the winter will be snow! After all, in Tokyo, there's only a Christmas tree loaded with plastic snowflakes, and a little bit of embarrassment.

in the back garden of the city of New York, a mixture of ice water on the Central Park, a group of mandarin ducks who are not afraid of cold are still playing in the lake. As long as there is water, they are very happy, as long as there is meat, I can be very happy.

Central Park

, the cloudy day and the proper snow, seemed to have brought me back to the icy town of Northeast China. Shouyang so I couldn't help but made a snowman, the craft should be abandoned for more than ten years. This is my work, after I gave it a Western English name "Eat Lotus Root" (eat lotus). I left the lotus root in Central Park and waited for the next spring for me.

my snowman's work: Eat. Lotus. Root

45 street and Manhattan bridge and Fifth Avenue

"I didn't go to Ireland and went to New York. I didn't perform with U2 to see Woody Allen walking on 45 street. All Taiwan in the R& B all in the United States in the RAP, only pop music, I see you don't see for the net is a good thing. " The lines of "change 1995" fill my head so full that every place that is mentioned in a song can't bear to hold back again and again.

45 street is very close to Times Square, and walk along to see a large natural ice skating field. Although born in the north, but skating is not my strength.

is more attractive to me than playing, not to say, and first eat a chicken leg to taste. Because fewer people are selling Christmas Turkey, in Kentucky door long queues to eat fried chicken was celebrated with an air of importance. Come here to eat one of the primary purpose of this trip is tasty turkey.

to Manhattan must see the Manhattan bridge, of course, the night scene is more shocking. Although there is a legend, "a couple walk bridge, can life together forever, but I do think it is a very beautiful lie. The feeling to, deeply attached, what love is, shengsixiangxu. I think these feelings are too heavy. If they are on the back, how do you have the strength to walk through a long bridge or even go farther?