Not just "eat chicken" these IP masterpieces are also 2017 games King

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2017, "survival" in the popular Chinese Jedi led many game makers of this category of product layout, millet millet grab hair "" gun "CF", the Tencent launched Mobile Games Island training version, "glorious mission", "wilderness", NetEase released action "ending 2", the "wilderness" registered users exceeded 100 million, up to 20 million days to live. In addition to the "chicken eating" game, there are many games that are popular in 2017 with the advantages of classic IP and excellent quality. Xiaobian selected the best ones to make inventory.

"Dragon Valley hand tour"

the grand game of mutual entertainment and joy of joint development, Tencent operating agent 3D action adventure game Mobile Games, in March 2nd the line on the platform after rapid ascent iOS free list first, the second best-selling list, ranked three, April iOS global income of the top five list, hosted in the Southern Metropolis Daily "2017 new generation tide day" in the four selected national level games.

"Dragon Valley Mobile Games" original presented the classic IP image, restore the end of the tour, the original game special BOSS, updated November 16th, the national new occupation difficult copy, "dragon master mode" and so on, let the game player has earned sensory experience, Duarte Luria trip more exciting. Behind the popularity of "Dragon Valley hand swim", there is the accumulation and innovation of Shanda in the research and development of high-quality products, the development of IP derived content and so on, which makes us believe that Dragon Valley IP will continue to maintain fresh vitality.

"counter-terrorism Elite: Global offensive"


in September 15th this year, the official counter measure of the counter terrorism Elite: CS:GO is officially launched. The fair sports network tour developed by Valve, the perfect world operation and the five countries in 91 continents has finally arrived in China. The game is "Counter Strike" series of games of the fourth Works (not including Neo and Online, in 1999 the derivative works) "Counter Strike" for the prototype production, basically inherited the advantages of CS before the game, excellent quality, very suitable for electronic games, game player is divided into "Counter Strike" and "the terrorists" two camps in the game, the two sides need to make more rounds in a map of the battle map, to destroy all enemy targets or requirements is victory. CS:GO in China "light China" attracted more than 3 million game player in the gaming field, hundreds of KOL joined the six city light visible landmarks, the world God charm.

"Final Fantasy 14"

"Final Fantasy 14" in September 26th this year to usher in the new 4 version of "red lotus craze", rising popularity, has become the end of the tour ranked Top3, the peak day will appear "event queue". The version was widely praised by foreign media when it was launched online, and won the PSN download list. The foreign authoritative game media IGN also gave a high score of 9.2 points. "Final Fantasy 14" global players have exceeded 10 million.

in mobile games share more and more today, "Final Fantasy 14" can still achieve excellent performance, and not only the final fantasy world class IP are inseparable, also benefited from the grand game in the localization and operation efforts in maintaining the foundation of authentic product experience, re integration into the national service special elements to dress more welfare game player. "Red lotus craze" version of the opening of two new maps and scenarios, and adding new elements of the new occupation warriors, red mage and water scene of the game large-scale adjustment, PVP system greatly improves the user experience changes again.

"Tianya moon knife"


" is the horizon moon knife game Tencent's first self-developed 3D martial arts MMORPG game, the beta version of "blade breaks" in July 1, 2016 to open the game, from the classic novel "IP horizon moon knife" adaptation, tells the story of the Northern Song Dynasty martial arts story. The game has a beautiful screen, excellent Yuanmin battle, unique light and other characteristics of the system, make the game player feel sloppily arena, which has obsessed with martial arts game player of all ages, "the horizon moon knife can be described as" Mobile Games era end tour MMORPG masterpiece.

"destiny - crown designation" (Fate/Grand Order)

"destiny crown designation" is the first official tour of Fate series IP. The exclusive agent is BiliBili. After downloading the public platform last year, the amount of downloading is up to 400W in less than a month. This year's game is still very hot, in the App Store best seller list in May over the "King glory", the two - time tour of the hand tour. The game has inherited the fine properties of the Fate IP, responsible for the "Fate" father Kinoko Nasu personally supervisor and script writing; character design and art director is always responsible for the Fate series of artist type-moon responsible, there are many Japanese

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